Mercado La Paloma, Los Angeles, California. LAIC photo contest 2021. Photo credit: Student Christine Vu


The major in Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Media and Politics underscores the global reach and import of the nations in the Americas, Europe and Africa in which Spanish and Portuguese are spoken. By focusing on the study of language, literature and cinema as well other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, students learn to think critically about the cultural, political, and historical questions involved in the study of Latin American and Iberian societies.





Lower Division Courses

Majors and minors may request a waiver of SPAN 260 if they meet one of the following prerequisites: a) a score of 5 on the Spanish language or literature advanced placement (AP) exam; b) a score of 6 or 7 on the Spanish International Baccalaureate Higher-Level exam (IBHL); c) a score of 800 in the Spanish SAT subject exam; or d) they can demonstrate advanced proficiency in spoken and written Spanish. Departmental approval is required in every case. Majors and minors to whom a waiver of SPAN 260 has been granted take five upper division courses (see below).

Upper Division Spanish and Portuguese Courses

Choose four of the following courses, including at least one 400-level course. Majors and minors to whom a waiver of SPAN 260 has been granted (see above) must take five upper division courses.

Brick and stone arches, Guadalajara. Photo credit: Student Leslie Ignacio, 2023.

Note: *Four units required.

Elective Courses

Choose three of the following courses, including at least two 300- or 400-level courses. Other courses, including courses in other departments, may be chosen in consultation with faculty adviser.


Majors and minors have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on campus and in overseas programs.  Please contact our academic advisor:

Isaura Peña

Dornsife Advising Office
Available Mondays and Tuesdays through Zoom; book either by emailing or scheduling via

Wednesdays through Fridays on campus in KAP 357

You can also schedule an appointment with any of our faculty members.

Phone: 213.821.4316

Top Image by Photographer Carlos Fernandez. Oaxaca, 2022.