Laboratorio de Escritura Online (LEO)

¡Bienvenidos al LEO!


The Department of Latin American and Iberian Culture’s Laboratorio de Escritura Online (LEO) is a site where students and any member of the USC community will find virtual and personalized help with their Spanish writing projects. This site also provides writing resources and instructional materials that assist students and instructors of Spanish.


The mission of the LEO is to assist Spanish writers at any level in their writing process. Our main goal is to encourage writers to explore their own ideas and give them strategies for communicating those ideas successfully in Spanish.

How LEO Works

LEO functions as a virtual place where consultants and writers will meet to discuss the writers’ work and ask questions about it. Assistance will come in the form of an online collaboration using, a cloud-based conferencing service that provides the ability to schedule and conduct video chatting and file sharing. Access to is possible with a USC username and password.

  1. Schedule a virtual meeting with one of LEO’s consultants. (Contact the director of the program, Professor Ivettte Gomez at
  2. Email your document to the consultant.
  3. Upon receiving an invitation (within a week) from, join the virtual meeting and start your lab session!

             See demo of LEO in action

Please NOTE

  • LEO is not an editing, proofreading or grammar service, although consultants will help writers to learn ways to self-edit or identify recurring grammar problems.
  • LEO’s consultants are Spanish instructors but they will not offer any type of evaluation of the writers’ work. Thus, if you are student seeking such evaluation of coursework, you should consult first with your professor.