Requirements for the Spanish Minor

Lower Division (4 units)*                

SPAN 260   Advanced Spanish Arts and Sciences

Upper Division (20 units) 

Any five courses at the 300- or 400-level.

Only one section of SPAN 316x may be taken for minor credit.


* Minors may request a waiver of SPAN 260 if they  meet one or more of the following prerequisites: a) a score of 5 on the Spanish language or literature advanced placement (AP) exam, b) a score of 6 or 7 on the Spanish International Baccalaureate Higher-Level exam (IBHL), c) a score of 800 in the Spanish SAT subject exam or d) demonstration of advanced proficiency in spoken and written Spanish. Departmental approval is required in every case.

We would like to encourage you to consider studying abroad or, by taking just a few more courses, pursuing a major in Spanish as well as our honors program.

Matthew Layne, presenting research conducted by him and Gabriela Perez, titled “Importance of the critical period in the articulation of phonemes and allophones” during the 6th Undergraduate Research Symposium.
Derek Ye, undergraduate student in Spanish 316: Spanish for the Health Professions, presenting research titled “Preventative Measures for Hypertension in Latinos,” for the 6th Undergraduate Research Symposium. Photo Credit: Jaclyn Beck, 2023