Miranda Williams speaking at the 6th Undergraduate Symposium, presenting research titled: “Spanish–The Chilean Variety”. Photo Credit: Jaclyn Beck, 2023

A major or minor in Spanish and Portuguese can complement interests in international relations, political science, business, education, sociology, linguistics, political science… the possibilities are endless.



Lower Division (4 units)*

SPAN 260         Advanced Spanish: Arts and Sciences

Upper Division (16 units)

Four of the following courses:

– SPAN 301 Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Film
– SPAN 310 Structure of Spanish
– One other SPAN literature, culture, film course
– One 400 level SPAN course

Electives (16 units):

Four other upper division SPAN courses.

Majors and minors may request a waiver of SPAN 260 if they meet one or more of the following prerequisites: a) a score of 5 on the Spanish language or literature advanced placement (AP) exam; b) a score of 6 or 7 on the Spanish International Baccalaureate Higher-Level exam (IBHL); c) a score of 800 in the Spanish SAT subject exam; or d) demonstrate advanced proficiency in spoken and written Spanish. Departmental approval is required in every case.

Anna Goodwin speaking at the 6th Undergraduate Symposium, presenting research titled “Influence of the Italian Immigration on the Argentine Castillian” during the 6th Undergraduate Symposium. Photo Credit: Jaclyn Beck, 2023

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Top Image by Photographer Carlos Fernandez. 2022.