To: Dive Equipment Manufacturers & Other Prize Donors

Preparations are now underway for our 36th Annual Chamber Day Dive and 26th Annual Chamber Evening Dinner.  These Chamber Day events provide essential funding for the continued operation of the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.  In addition to being the largest fund-raiser for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, Chamber Day is also the largest single-day scuba charity event in the United States, with participation from close to 1,000 divers.

This year we are once again asking for your support in making Chamber Day 2024 a great success.  The participation we receive from the Dive Equipment Manufacturers and other Prize and Auction Donors increases our ability to raise needed funds through our Day and Evening Events.  We look forward to your support as a major sponsor of Chamber Day, by donating Prizes and Blind Auctions Items.

Information and guidelines about prize donations follow, along with a link to an online Prize Donation Form that you can use to pledge your donations.  Since acceptance of prizes is subject to approval, please read our prize guidelines carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Donors will be listed online (with links to their website) on the Chamber Day & Eve Prize page (with highest total donation value listed first) and on the Equipment Manufacturers and Other Sponsors pages (in alphabetical order).  Day and Evening Prizes will be shown in continuous-loop PowerPoint presentations during Evening Programs.

Our Prize Coordinator is Clara Johnson (  If you have any questions about donating prizes to Chamber Day 2024, please contact her via e-mail.

Thank you for your generous support of the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.

Pledges for donations can be made using our Prize Donation Form:

Prizes and Blind Bid Auction Items are accepted within the following guidelines:

    Prizes for Chamber Evening must have a minimum retail value of $200. During this event, we have a pre-show presentation at the Aquarium of the Pacific that will display images of all the Evening Prizes, along with your logo.  This provides excellent exposure for you. Chamber Evening is an event that many divers share with their non-diving Significant Other, so non-diving prizes are welcome.  We limit the total number of prizes to around twenty so the evening program does not go too long.  So do not get left behind!
    ($200 minimum value)
    Prizes must have a retail value of at least $200. You can combine items to hit the $200+ mark (mask, snorkel, fins combo, for instance).  We will feature images of all the Chamber Day/Dutchman prizes, along with your logo on our website.  This provides additional exposure for you.
    If you have items that have an individual value of less than $200, we will be able to accept those items for the Boat Prizes. Each boat will have prizes just for the divers on that boat.  If you have small-value items, you can donate multiples of these (say, 15 small lights, 15 knives, 15 books, etc.) and these will be spread out among the participating boats and the Flying Dutchman.

If you have any questions about the event or the guidelines, please contact our Prize Coordinator, Clara Johnson (  All pledged donations should be shipped to:

Chamber Day 2024
Attn: Kim Lancaster
c/o Southern California Dive Adventures – CeeRay Dive Boat
5002 Hersholt Ave.
Lakewood, CA 90712

Thank you again for your support of the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber and the Southern California diving community.