Each year the SoCal diving community raises extra funds for our Chamber through the Chamber Challenge. These funds are vital to the operation of our Chamber and account for over 50% of what we generally raise during the entire event.

It’s a simple concept: You make a donation and then “challenge” your friends and associates to do the same. Last year was an out-of-this-world incredible effort, with $130,535 in Challenge donations – a new Chamber Day record!!! – so we’ve got our work cut out for us, and we DID IT! We set a new record of $142,000!!! Also remember that donations can be made in someone’s honor/memory. They’ll be tagged with the honoree’s name as well as yours as the donor.

Although contributions of any amount are welcome, we have a tiered level of donations, as follows:

  • Chamborium- $15,000
  • Diamond – $10,000
  • Platinum – $5,000
  • Gold – $1,000
  • Silver – $500
  • Bronze – $100

We also have a new special tier this year of $15,000 (Chamborium). A couple of our regular donors have hinted that they might be willing to contribute on that level so we shall see.

All Chamborium, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold donors will receive special recognition from our Chamber for their donation. Contributions can come from individuals, clubs, stores, boats, publications, and others. Contributions can also be grouped together for a larger total. If the company you work for has a matching grant program, Challenge donations usually qualify.

Donations can be made either through our secure server or by calling (310)652-4990. (If you have any questions about your donation, that’s the number to call as well.) Cash, check, and credit card are all welcome.

Chamber Challenge 2024 Level Donors

  • Glenn Suhd
    Sherry Griswold Foundation

  • Antelope Valley Desert Divers
    Beach Cities Scuba

  • James Collins
    In memory of Leslie Holtman, Ron Riddle, Greg Tashjian, & Paul Kanner (Dr. Susy Horowitz)
    Mike Emmerman, Patricia Stockhausen, & TJ
    In Memory of Dr. Jeff Sipsey (Anonymous)
    Cyd Yonker
    E. & J. Gallo Winery (match)
    Maja Vrvilo
    In memory of Dr. Aristides Requicha, beloved member of CCD Divers (John & Nanaz Turney)

  • Pacific Wilderness
    John Delaney
    Jeanne Sleeper
    Sean Eckley
    Dive 949 & West Coast Tec Divers
    Ethan Bush
    Andrew Pilmanis
    SOCDC (South Orange County Dive Club)
    Francesco Cameli
    Robert Fenton
    Tom Turney & Jill Boivin
    James R. Holm, MD
    In memory of Isaac Foo (Melissa Foo)
    Google match (Foo)
    In Loving Memory of Skip Tucker (Melody Tucker)
    In memory of Stan Waterman [k;-)]

  • In Memory of Dr. Lee H. Somers
    Don Lake
    Roger Carlson
    Brad Crocker
    Matt Levinson
    Mark Chambers
    Mark Staab
    In memory of Tom Wetzel (Patti Wetzel)
    Roy Houston
    CA Diving News / the Scuba Show
    Sean Eckley
    Dive 949 & West Coast Tec Divers
    Ethan Bush
    Peter Croke
    Angi & Ron Burkard
    Phillips 66 / 76 (match)
    Lenny Ortiz
    Carl Felien
    Peter Quinones
    James Whipple
    Scuba By Design (Lisa Beach)
    Louis Weisberg
    Scott Barnes
    Ann Muscat & Jack Baldelli
    Doug Lada
    Thomas Penn
    Catalina Island Marine Institute / Catalina Sea Camp
    Eco Dive Center
    Dale & Kim Sheckler
    Mike & Christina Peterson
    In memory of Tom Binkley, Kevin Binkley, Tom Wetzel, & Marybeth Guiney (John Lumb)
    Layne Ballard

  • Mark Perlstein
    In honor of David Pechman, M.D. (Brock Dewey)
    In memory of Tom Wetzel (Tabby Stone & Linda Takvorian)
    Ken Nelson
    Sharon DePriester
    Kevin Zagorski
    Ellen Berman
    Henry Gittler & Lisette Lieberman
    Cindy Shaw
    In honor of Da boy, Daniel Wright
    Gary Sterling
    Mike Couffer
    Gina Boster
    Bob & Laura Mosqueda
    Susan Bangasser
    Lukas Holsen
    Anthony Bailey
    James Ruddick
    Unes Nabipour
    Jeff Lewis
    Michelle Leonard
    Stuart Berryhill
    In honor of Bob & Tina Kennedy (Jack Sarrett)
    Terra Petry
    Alan Blaustein
    In memory of Robert Woods (Barnacle Busters LGBTQ+ Dive Club)
    Sean O’Day
    Rob & Wanda Dickey
    Steve & Cathy Kay
    In memory of Stan Waterman (Howard & Michele Hall)
    Larry Thompson
    Jim Christensen
    John Delaney (additonal)
    The Walt Disney Company (Rodriguez match)
    Sharkbait Dive Club
    Daniel & Natalie Pio
    Debbie Karimoto
    David Osorio
    Dana Rodda
    Erin Quigley
    In honor William “Bill” Angione (Jens Rubsclager)
    Kevin Augarten
    In memory of Bill & Janie Hilton (David Hilton)
    Kathy Kalohi
    In memory of Lee Somers and Barbara Underwood (Jadine Moy)
    Jacqueline Tregre
    Martin Berman
    Mike Madden
    Craig Wood
    For Nick (Diana Rainforth)
    Marty Golden
    Amanda Raboin
    Doug Iverson
    John Kades
    Brad Calaway
    Jean-Yves Couleaud
    adeia match (Couleaud)
    Tim & Marni Covey-Fitzhugh
    Wesley Chew
    Craig Singer
    Paul Weers
    Dan Zinsmeyer
    Barbara Farnum
    George Spanos
    Barbara & David Joyce
    Lynn Dodd
    Aubrey Sinatra
    In memroy of Michel Billot (Skip Abelson)
    In memory of Skip Tucker (Laura Konowalski)
    Nancy Caruso
    Barry Weiner
    Jing Yeo

  • Lawrence Schack
    Dan & Betty Orr
    Jay Wilson
    Catherine Eckely
    Deborah Martin
    Pfizer match (Martin)
    Linda Chew
    Carol Gross