We really love Chamber Evening. It’s a festive affair, a lot of you dress up, it’s great to gather with all of you each year, and it seems like everyone has a lot of fun. And we’re delighted to again be able to do all of this in the Great Hall at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

As with last year, we’re limiting attendance. This year that means a maximum of 350 people (35 tables of 10). This likely means that most table sponsors will only to get one or two tables per group. Some groups already report that their tables are filling. So make sure you secure your seat and don’t get left out.

We’re happy to say that we’re keeping the price the same as the last two years, $150 (the same as the total price for the Daytime portion). For those who attend, you’ll have a chance to wander around and explore the Aquarium from 7-8PM, you’ll enjoy a fabulous feast that will start a little after 8PM (the menu is still being decided but there will be a veggie/vegan option), we’ll go into our program of raffle prizes and recognitions a little after 9PM, and we’ll send you home around 10:15PM.

Speaking of prizes, there will be about 20 of them during the “Pick-A-Prize” raffle as well as some other opportunities. You get five evening raffle tickets when you buy your dinner ticket. Plus you’ll be able to buy extra evening general raffle tickets at the Aquarium on May 1.

And would anyone like to win a week of diving in the Philippines with Atlantis? Because that’s what our Grand Prize is this year and ONLY people who attend Chamber Evening (or sign up for the virtual version) will have their names in the hopper with a chance to score this wonderful dive experience.

For all raffle tickets, please remember to write your name on the back of the stub. That makes everything go more quickly. In fact, a lot of people bring pre-printed stickers and do it that way. Also remember that you need to deposit your raffle tickets into our bin. That’s how you get officially entered. If you don’t put your stubs in the bin, there’s no way we’ll be able to pull your name as a winner.


If you’d like to take full advantage of everything the Aquarium has to offer and be treated like a VIP, then you need to sign up for our V.G.D. (Very Generous Diver) package. This year – recognizing our Chamber’s 50th anniversary – it’s only an extra $50. (This is an add-on to your Chamber Evening ticket. You cannot buy this as a stand-alone item.) If you’re interested in getting into the Aquarium early, having a private exclusive area in which to hang out and mingle, plus a lot more, then this is the package for you. But it’s limited to roughly 100 people so if this floats your boat, don’t dilly-dally.

Here’s what the V.G.D Package includes:

  • Early-access (starting at 5PM) through a separate entrance
  • Private outside lounge area (two levels) with plenty of chairs and sofas
  • Complimentary soft drinks
    Private cash bar for alcohol
  • Moon Jellies exhibit access (on the lower level) 5:00-8:00PM
  • Hot & cold appetizers 6:00-8:00PM
  • Chamber 50th Anniversary t-shirt (to be picked up that evening)
  • Ten additional general raffle tickets
  • Two additional Grand Prize Atlantis Philippines trip entries
  • Early access (5-7PM) to most exhibit areas, including Shark Lagoon
  • Private outside lounge & bar area open until 9:00PM
  • Limited to roughly 100 people

You can get this for an extra $50. When you sign up for your Chamber Evening ticket, make sure you also get the V.G.D. Package because once we hit our limit, that will be it.


But if you’re not yet ready to do an indoor dining event with 350 of your closest friends, take the worry out of being close and sign up for our Virtual Chamber Evening. It’s perfect for those of you who are not comfortable with this type of an indoor event or simply unavailable on the evening of May 1. (Some organizations have both an in-person table AND a virtual one.)

Cost for the virtual version of Chamber Eve is the same as the Flying Dutchman – $95. Virtual attendees will get ten raffle tickets (since you can’t buy extras on-site) and be entered in the drawing for the Atlantis Philippines Grand Prize, plus you’ll get a Chamber Evening t-shirt mailed to you. And because we want you to feel connected to what’s happening at the Aquarium, you’ll receive a private link to our live-stream of the event, so you can observe and enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your own home.

Remember that it’s all for a good cause which is keeping our Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber financially sound. The economy maybe be improving, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need your help. All the monies raised go to benefit our Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, which in turn benefits our diving community.  You can sign up there using our secure server, or you can call Chamber Day HQ at (310)652-4990.

Chamber Evening has always provided a significant percentage of the overall total for Chamber Day/Eve each year. And we hope this year, like last year, will be no different. We hope you agree that we simply can’t be without an asset and a safety net like the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. YOU are a critical component in the success of this event. We hope you understand how important our Chamber is to the diving community and that you will stand with us as we collectively stand by our Chamber.