2023-2024 EMSI Ph.D. Dissertation and Faculty Fellows

EMSI Ph.D. Dissertation Fellow

Lina Nie

Ph.D. Candidate, Van Hunnick History Department
EMSI Ph.D. Dissertation Fellow, 2023-2024

Project Title:
"Being Transnational: Maritime Exchanges in East Asian Sphere from the Tenth to the Seventeenth Century"

EMSI Faculty Fellows

Daniela Bleichmar

Professor of Art History and History
EMSI Faculty Fellow, Spring 2024

Project Title:
Women of Art and Science in the Early Modern World

Mengxiao Wang

Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures EMSI Faculty Fellow, Fall 2023

Project Title:
Buddhism and Theatricality in Early Modern China

The USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute (EMSI) exists on the ancestral lands of the Gabrielino-Tongva and Kizh Nation peoples who continue to call this region home. EMSI respectfully acknowledges these Indigenous peoples as the traditional caretakers of this landscape, as the direct descendants of the first people. EMSI recognizes their continued presence and is grateful to have the opportunity to work and learn on this land.

Banner image: detail from "Vallard Atlas," (1547) chart 4, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf Portolan atlas. Courtesy of the Huntington Library.