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Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements established by USC Dornsife. Meeting the basic eligibility requirements for a semester or year abroad does not guarantee admission to a study abroad program.

Admission to a program is at the discretion of USC Dornsife and the program provider/host university. A student must be admitted by both USC Dornsife and the program provider/host university without regard to the order in which admission decisions are announced by each admitting party.

A student's third semester as a USC student in the soonest he or she can study abroad.

Grade Point Average Requirements

All students who apply to study abroad on a semester- or year-long program must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative USC GPA at the time of application. A student's grade point average from transfer coursework is not factored into the eligibility requirement.

If a program provider or host university indicates that it may accept students with a GPA below 3.0, applicants still must meet the USC Dornsife eligibility requirement of a cumulative USC GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Some programs have a higher GPA requirement. They are King's College London, the London School of Economics, University College London, Sciences Po Paris, Trinity College Dublin's Irish School of Ecumenics and the Trinity College Dublin Exchange Program. Please go to those program pages to see the requirements.

Foreign Language Requirements

If a student is planning to study abroad in a country where a foreign language is spoken and that foreign language is taught by USC Dornsife, the student must have completed, be enrolled in, or have tested out of at least the second semester of that language by the time of application to study abroad. A number of programs require more than two semesters of a foreign language. Some programs have specific requirements. Please see the program pages for more details. 

In cases where a program provider (e.g. Syracuse University in Florence, IES Milan, CIEE Shanghai, etc.) does not have a foreign language requirement or has a lower requirement than USC Overseas Studies, USC applicants must meet the language requirement as established by the USC Dornsife Office of Overseas Studies.

Student Conduct Requirements

Students with one or more student conduct violations may be deemed ineligible to study abroad, depending on the nature of the violation(s), at any time from the submission of an application to a program's start date.

The Office of Overseas Studies checks with the USC Student Judicial and Community Standards (SJACS) office to see if study abroad applicants have any record of student conduct violations. All cases on file with SJACS, regardless of the nature of the case, will be reported to the Office of Overseas Studies and may affect your eligibility to study abroad.

Students who are on disciplinary probation or deferred suspension at the time of application are not eligible to study abroad.

Students who have multiple violations but are not on disciplinary probation or deferred suspension may apply but are likely to be deemed ineligible to study abroad regardless of when the violations occurred.

Students should be aware that if they have a case reported to SJACS that has an “amnesty” designation and no formal sanctions imposed by SJACS, their case details will still be reported to the Office of Overseas Studies and they may be deemed ineligible to study abroad.  

Class Standing Requirements

Some programs require that prior to attendance students have completed at least two years of study at a college or university. When such a requirement applies to a program, it is listed on web page for that program.

Academic Plan

Students are expected to include coursework in their major or minor field of study and/or advancement of foreign language skills in their study plan for their semester or year abroad.  Students seeking an exception must meet with a study abroad advisor. Students may not study abroad after having completed the requirements for graduation in their selected major(s) and minor(s).

Maximum Number of Semesters Abroad

Students may participate in no more than two semester-long programs or one year-long program.