Study Abroad returnees will receive an email from our office with more information after they have returned from abroad.


You may submit a photo for one or all of the following four categories, up to 1 photo per category. Each photo submitted must include location and a short description (less than 100 words).

(1)   Cultural Engagement
Submit a photo of yourself participating in a local activity, in the local culture or with the local population in your host country.

(2)   Nature & Cityscape
Submit a photo of a landmark or landscape that captures the spirit of study abroad.

(3)   The Art of the Selfie
Submit your best selfie that shows an aspect of your host country.

(4)   The World is Your Classroom
Submit a photo of yourself engaging and learning abroad either in the classroom, on a class excursion or in a nontraditional education setting.


Any submission with a focus on the written word is welcome. The best submissions are those that go beyond a day-to-day account and are reflective, amusing and/or reminiscent of the spirit of a place. Possibilities include non-fictional or fictional prose, poetry, and blogs. Entries can include photos and illustrations. Submissions should be 3 pages max. (not including photos or illustrations) and submitted as Word documents or a link to a blog.


Film clips should reflect the kind of cultural immersion and observations that can be experienced through engaging with the culture of your host country rather than a touristic approach.  Films (5 min max) can be submitted via email providing the URL to your film.