The Flying Dutchman 2023

The Flying Dutchman is the original virtual dive. (FAKE boat . . . FAKE dive. So to be clear, you’re NOT really going diving.) It has always been an on-line experience and this year will be no exception. And we’re also happy to let you know that we’re holding the price at $95.

In nautical lore, the Flying Dutchman was bad news as it was the name of a mythical ship doomed to sail the seas forever and never reach port. But from a Chamber Day perspective, the Dutchman is a good thing because it helps us raise more money for our Chamber and gets you a unique T-shirt. As always, it's a really nice and unique design.

Our Flying Dutchman is the answer for those of you who have done it for so many years as well as for those of you still not quite ready to resume boat diving. In fact, we usually get almost as many people doing the Dutchman as are doing the actual dives. Will this be the year that the Dutchman pulls ahead?

Remember that May 3 the date this year. As a Dutchman diver, you’ll get all the benefits of Chamber Day participation but your t-shirt will be one unique to the Dutchman AND the front of the shirt will incorporate your “pirate” name into a mosaic skull design.

To sign up for the Dutchman, either go our online sign up page or call Chamber Day HQ at (310)652-4990.



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