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News & Events from 2022

Kondo published two new episodes in her podcast, “The Art of Racial Reckoning.” To listen, go here.

Quin Anex-Ries’ research examines the historical relationship between technology and sexuality. In this article, Quin explains how anti-porn laws have historically been weaponized against LGBTQ Americans, feminists, and others. You can read the article here.

The Sixties was a time of turmoil and peace, utopian idealism and often-nightmarish brutality. It was a time when love was all ‘you’ needed, yet war was all around. It was the time of the Woodstock Nation and the Silent Majority, communes and the Manson family. It was the time of sex, rock ‘n roll and drugs. It had Hippies and Yippies and Panthers, JFK and Nixon. And fifty years later, we are still trying to make sense of it. This course will examine this tumultuous period with all its contradictions and various movements. We will look at the ‘good’ Sixties and the ‘bad’ Sixties. We will read, watch and study a variety of texts from this messy time in order to gain a richer understanding of what this past has left us. And in the end, all those who have memories of the Sixties yet were never there, might discover that what they recall, what they have been sold by mass media over the years, is not quite adequate to this moment when things seemed so miraculously wonderful and often so profoundly banal.

About the position

The Director of African American Studies is responsible for leading the development, launch, and ongoing management of a new Advanced Placement course which will pilot in a select number of schools in Fall 2022 and launch more broadly in Fall 2023. The Director will serve as the primary point of contact with higher and secondary education subject-matter experts who will serve as core stakeholders in the development of AP African American Studies. The Director will work closely with higher and secondary education committees and a diverse set of advisors to define a curriculum and exam consistent with those offered in first-year higher education courses.

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