Fall 2023

Attention: All AMST Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Your academic advisor for majors in American Studies, African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, and American Popular Culture is:

Kim Vinson

Academic Advisor

Office of College Advising

Office: KAP 357

Tel: (213) 821-4316

Email: vinson@usc.edu

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.  Appointments are encouraged.

To schedule an appointment, please go to http://bit.ly/USCkimvinson.


Your faculty advisor is:

Professor Alicia Chavez

Director of ASE Undergraduate Studies

Office: KAP 449B

Tel: (213)740-1679

Email: alchavez@usc.edu

Office Hours: In-Person appointments only

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Department of American Studies & Ethnicity

Located in Kaprielian Hall on the University Park campus, ASE faculty, graduate students, and staff are available to assist you with information and resources about our academic programs and research specialties.


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