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Courses of Instruction in American Studies and Ethnicity


AMST 500 Introduction to American Studies and Ethnicity (4, Fa) An exploration of themes, theoretical influences, and methodological approaches current in American Studies and Ethnic Studies. Open to first year graduate students in American Studies and Ethnicity only.

AMST 509 Key Topics in Linguistic Anthropology (4, FaSp) (Enroll in ANTH 509)

AMST 510 Readings in Chicano/Latino Studies (4, FaSp) Perspectives from the major debates that have driven the development of the field of Chicano/Latino/a studies across the disciplines.

AMST 519 Indigenous, Decolonial and Transhemispheric American Studies (4, FaSp) Evaluate pressing social science and humanities concerns hemispherically in relation to first peoples, decolonialization, land, cultural memory, and politics within comparative ethnic studies.

AMST 520 Readings in Asian American Studies (4, FaSp) Graduate seminar covering critical themes in the interdisciplinary field of Asian American Studies, including perspectives from anthropology, literature, sociology, history, political science, religious studies, cultural studies, women/gender studies and psychology.

AMST 522 Transpacific History (4) (Enroll in HIST 560)

AMST 525 Seminar in American Art (4, FaSp) (Enroll in AHIS 525)

AMST 530 Readings in African American Studies (4, max 8, FaSp) Seminar exploring crucial theoretical, methodological and historical issues in the development of African American Studies.

AMST 543 Critical Studies in Whiteness (4, max 8, FaSp) Examines meaning of “whiteness” from historical and other disciplinary perspectives; focus is on how whiteness operates within specific racial regimes to perpetuate inequality.

AMST 552 Archives and Subcultures (4, FaSm) Introduction to the practice of archival research with an emphasis on the literary and historical methods of documenting subcultural groups, particularly racial and sexual minorities.

AMST 553 Race, Gender and Sexuality (4, FaSp) Interdisciplinary investigation of concepts, theories, and debates in the study of race and its intersection with gay, lesbian, trans, heterosexual and other sexualities/genders.

AMST 554 Readings in Chicano/Latino ­History (4, FaSp) Readings, analyses, and discussion of various approaches, topics, and genres in the field of Chicano/Latino history.

AMST 560 Readings on Race and Ethnicity (4, FaSp) Exploration of research on race and ethnicity in the United States as it pertains to political, social, economic, cultural and historical issues.

AMST 562 The Practice of Ethnography (4) (Enroll in ANTH 562)

AMST 567 Body, Power and Politics (4, FaSp)  Surveys interdisciplinary research and theory on the human body, state power, scientific knowledge, professions and representation.

AMST 570 Readings on Los Angeles and Urban Cul­ture (4, FaSp) Exploration of some of the leading scholarship from a variety of disciplines writing about Los Angeles and the Southern California area. Particular emphasis is placed on the intersections of historical, contemporary and cultural issues that inform recent scholarship on Los Angeles.

AMST 572 Quantitative Methods for a Diverse Society (4, FaSp) Diversity and empirical social research; conceptualization, design and measurement; conducting, analyzing and evaluating surveys and experiments; focus on obstacles in the empirical study of diversity.

AMST 580 Readings in Cultural Studies (4, FaSp) Seminar in theoretical approaches to cultural studies, with an emphasis on the analysis of race, gender, sexuality, and class in the U.S.

AMST 585 Topics in Cultural Theory (4, max 8, FaSp) Introduction to key texts on poststructuralism and its theorizing of the body, power, and historical trauma.

AMST 586 Utopia and Dystopia (4, FaSp) How did Marx conceptualize modernity? What is capital? Historical materialism? Dialectical materialism? What roles do race, class, gender, sexuality, territory and the state perform?

AMST 590 Directed Research (1–12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the program.

AMST 593 Practicum in Teaching the Liberal Arts (2, FaSp) (Enroll in MDA 593)

AMST 599 Special Topics (2–4, max 8) ­Seminar in ­selected topics in American ­studies and ethnicity.

AMST 610 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar in Chicano/Latino Studies (4, max 8, FaSp) Exploration of issues involved in conducting research in the interdisciplinary field of Chicano/Latino Studies and guides students through the design and completion of a ­journal-­quality research paper. Recommended preparation: graduate reading course in Chicano/­Latino Studies.

AMST 622 Research Seminar on Transpacific Studies (4, FaSp) Interdisciplinary research seminar foregrounding a multilateral approach towards understanding the political, cultural, economic, and military relations and conflicts between Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific.

AMST 630 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar: African American Studies (4, FaSp) Methodological and theoretical approaches to conducting research in African American Studies; design and completion of a publishable research paper.

AMST 657 Critical Theories of Race and Culture (4, FaSp) (Enroll in COMM 657)

AMST 660 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar in Race and Ethnicity (4) Explores issues of conducting interdisciplinary research in race and ethnicity and guides students through the design and completion of a journal-quality research paper. Recommended prepa­ration: graduate reading course in race and ethnicity.

AMST 662 Research Seminar in Comparative Ethnic Studies (4) Examination of the historical evolution and current status of comparative and relational ethnic studies. Original research project required.

AMST 670 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar on Los Angeles (4) Introduces students to issues of ­urban-based research concerning Los Angeles and guides students through the design and completion of a journal-quality research paper. Recommended preparation: graduate reading course on Los Angeles.

AMST 680 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar in Cultural Studies (4) Explores theoretical approaches to cultural studies as an interdisciplinary field and guides students through the design and completion of a journal-quality research paper. Recommended preparation: graduate reading course in cultural studies.

AMST 700 Theories and Practices of ­Professional Development (4, FaSpSm) Offers students a structured environment in which to write their dissertation proposals and focuses on professional development. Completion of qualifying exam. Graded CR/NC.

AMST 701 Contemporary Theories of American Studies and Ethnicity (4, max 8, Sp) Seminar in representative theoretical works in the fields of American Studies and Ethnic Studies published in the past fifteen years.

AMST 790 Research (1–12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the doctorate. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the program. Graded CR/NC.

AMST 794abcdz Doctoral Dissertation (2, 2, 2, 2, 0) Credit on acceptance of dissertation. Graded IP/CR/NC.

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