• BS Technical University Berlin, 3/2018
  • MS Technical University Berlin
  • Univ Melbourne
  • BS Free Univ. of Berlin
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    My research interests focus on grounding computational methods (especially natural language processing) in psychological theory and applying it to problems in social psychology and social science. My main interest lies in understanding how morality and values manifest in language and human behavior and how these insights can help us explain the dynamics of bias, prejudice and hate in different contexts, such as inter-group conflicts, perception of inequality and more.

    Research Keywords

    Morality and Values, Computational Social Psychology, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Agent-based Modeling

  • Proceedings

    • Vu, H., Abdurahman, S., Bhatia, S., Ungar, L. (2020). Predicting responses to psychological questionnaires from participants’ social media posts and question text embeddings. pp. 1512–1524.Association for Computational Linguistics.