From Students of Psychology to Successful Professionals

The University of Southern California is one of today’s most prestigious and innovative private universities in the world. We are graduating students each year who go on to do exceptional things with their lives, from furthering their education, to becoming leaders in their fields of practice.

Our psychology students go on to thrive in numerous fields and career paths. Many of our alumni go on to become Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Sales Representatives, Business Administrators, and much more. In fact, Psychology is one of the most common majors today for students on the pre-med and pre-law tracks. As the study of human behavior, our students also use their transferable skills to break into areas of marketing, human resources, management, and other business related fields where client interaction and understanding consumer behavior is vital to a company’s success.

Please take a moment and discover what some of our past undergraduate students have done with their education.