Welcome to the McArdle Graduate Consultation and Computer Center!

The aim of the McArdle Graduate Consultation and Computer Center (GC3) for is to provide free statistical consultation to doctoral students and faculty in the USC Psychology Department. The center provides support for students working on research projects, including but not limited to: poster presentations, symposia, journal articles, theses, and dissertations. The center is equipped with computers, as well as a variety of statistical programs for students and faculty to use with or without the assistance of the TA consultants. The center also provides workspace for those to bring their own computers and work on projects, individually or as small teams.

  • At this time, TA consultants are available by appointment only. You can learn more about the consultants’ areas of specialization by viewing their profiles. To make an appointment, email us at  gc3@usc.edu. Please note that appointments are currently available only to members of the USC Psychology Department.

  • The center is open to progressive masters students, doctoral students, faculty in the USC Psychology Department, and affiliates. Assistance includes:

    1. Identifying the appropriate model to address your research question(s)
    2. Discussing techniques to fit the model
    3. Identifying issues with methodology or identifying violations of method assumptions
    4. Clarifying program output
    5. Providing references and other resources that may assist with the analysis.

    TA consultants will not run analyses for you and should not be asked to assist with study design beyond general methodological concerns. If you are not sure what is and is not allowed, ask a TA. Note: questions pertaining to course-related assignments should be directed to the TA for that course.

    TAs will try to help as best as they can, but they are not familiar with every problem or every program. If there is something they cannot help you with, they will try to direct you to a person or source that can.

  • In additon to being a resource for one-on-one statistical consultation, the GC3 has hosted a number of lectures on a wide variety of statistical topics, many of which have been recorded and posted on the web. Please click on the Quant Speaker Series and GC3 Workshop for more information.

  • We are located in:

    SGM 718
    3620 McClintock Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90089