Academic Advisors

To ensure the most effective advising, it is strongly encouraged to email/contact only one (1) academic advisor with the same general question and/or concern. If you don’t have a preference of which advisor responds to you, you can email us at We thank you for your understanding as we do this to promote a faster response time.


 Class Level Program Academic Advisor
 Freshman All majors/minors listed below Dahlie Conferido,

  • Advises Last Names: A-G

Courtney Bushman,

  • Advises Last Names: A-K

Nicole Srednick,

  • Advises Last Names: L-Q

Lisa Perkins,

  • Advises Last Names: R-Z
Sophomores, Juniors
and Seniors
BA Psychology

BA Social Sciences with an
Emphasis in Psychology

BA Cognitive Science
Minor in Psychology

Minor in Psychology and Law

Ingrid Popper,


Vivian Hsu-Tran,


Giovanna Kurtz,


Samia Alam,


Rika Yano,



Appointments are offered in either virtual or in-person mode. For Freshmen, you may select your choice within the appointment portal. For Sophomores-Seniors, appointments will be assumed to be virtual on Zoom unless by request. Vivian also offers phone appointments for USA phone numbers. Because your advising appointment involves a discussion of your academic progress, please take steps to ensure privacy during the meeting. If you are unable to schedule an appointment or are a prospective student, please email for assistance.


If you are unable to attend your scheduled meeting, use the links below to reschedule your appointment. You must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you are 10 minutes late or miss your appointment, you MUST reschedule.


To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor, please click on the link appropriate to your class level and major/minor:


*If you are a non-Dornsife major student, then visit this link first: Once you have received access and you are added to our appointment system, then use this link ( to make an appointment. It can take up to 3 days to get access.


Class Level  Program  Appointment Link
 Freshman  All   majors/minors   listed


 Sophomores,   Juniors and   Seniors  BA Psychology


 BA Social   Sciences with an
Emphasis in   Psychology


 BA Cognitive   Science


 Minor in   Psychology


 Minor in   Psychology and



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