• The Race/Solidarity: Transpacific Conversations series invited faculty and guest speakers to discuss the current racial reckoning at USC and beyond and start this conversation within a global context. This series provided a platform for faculty and students to engage with a host of social and cultural issues related to race and racism on both sides of the Pacific. Our aim is to help broaden and deepen the current discussion on race with global and historical perspectives, drawing in particular on the expertise and connections of our affiliated faculty and graduate students who have worked on these topics within diverse East Asian contexts and among Asian diasporic communities. Click here to see past events in this series.

  • The EASC Regulatory Science: East Asian Perspectives series represents an exciting collaboration with colleagues at the Health Sciences Campus to cover a wide range of topics on health and wellness that are of vital interest to us today. Regulatory Science studies the regulatory requirements for biomedical products in the United States and elsewhere around the world and East Asia plays a prominent role in all facets of this area — as developers, manufacturers, and consumers of regulated products. Click here to see past events in this series.

  • The East Asia Visual Cultures series, initially funded by EASC’s past Department of Education Title VI grant, sponsors events related to East Asian arts, film, media, and popular culture. The series aims to bring together art and media industry experts, filmmakers, scholars, and the wider community. In years past, EASC has invited renowned film directors such as Li Yang (China), Feng Xiao Gang (China), Im Kwon-Taek (Korea), Iwai Shunji (Japan), and many others. Click here to see past events in this series.

  • The Southern California East Asia Colloquium Series, initially funded by EASC’s past Department of Education Title VI grant, supports lectures, workshops, conferences and colloquia that bring experts in diverse fields to USC each year to discuss the latest topics on East Asia. Click here to see past events in this series.

  • The USC-UCLA Joint East Asian Studies Center (JEASC) was a consortium that brought together the Asia Pacific Center at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) at the University of Southern California (USC). Since its designation as a Title VI National Resource Center in 1975 until 2018, JEASC had been the driving force behind a remarkable expansion in training, research, and outreach related to East Asia and its languages, making a significant contribution to meeting the national need for citizens knowledgeable about the world while dedicating itself to serving the people of Los Angeles and southern California.

    Our students had access to one of the nation’s ten largest East Asian library facilities as well as the unique resources of the two schools’ film archives and museums.

    The two JEASC partners acted as nodes for the East Asian studies community in southern California by planning complementary seminars, conferences and speaker series as well as building links with other Title VI Centers. Pooling the resources of southern California’s two premier universities allowed the consortium to offer an unrivaled range of resources and programs to meet the demands in our community, the professions, business and government for graduates with language and area studies expertise on China, Japan and Korea.

    Programs administered under this grant included the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, professionalization programs, JEASC Conferences, Southern California East Asia Colloquium Series, East Asia Visual Cultures Series, K-16 Teacher Training Workshops and more.

  • The USC East Asian Studies Center received a generous grant of $2 million from The Freeman Foundation as part of its “Undergraduate Asian Studies Initiative” which helped launch the development of faculty-led study abroad research programs and scholarships for USC undergraduates to study abroad in East Asia starting in 2004. As a testament to the program’s success, EASC was one of only half of those initially awarded by the Freeman Foundation who were invited to apply for a second grant as part of their “Undergraduate Asian Studies Initiative II.” EASC was awarded this second Freeman Foundation grant in 2008 and was able to leverage this award to continue to offer the Global East Asia program.

  • The EASC Taiwanese Documentary Series was made possible by the Spotlight Taiwan grant from the Taiwan Academy of the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China, with additional support provided by Special Patron Dr. Samuel Yin, the USC Pacific Asia Museum and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Click here to see past events in this series.