Top Ten Reasons to Major/Minor in Earth Sciences 

from Pre-health, Pre-Med, to all diverse interests!

  1. Given a choice of equally good candidates, med schools prefer students who have a science major other than biology
  2. Your bones are made of minerals. Mineral deposits on your teeth and in your organs impact your health.  Guess which science studies minerals?
  3. Some pre-meds are fascinated with the study of ‘the body’. Consider a major in which anatomy, physiology, ecology are all studied (paleontology).
  4. A med school wants to know about you as a reliable and dedicated student.  Nearly all Earth Science majors know ES faculty well enough to get detailed and personal letters of recommendation
  5. Med school admissions are touting the ‘well rounded’, ‘globally aware’, and ‘big thinker’ applicant. Recent ES undergrads have had research experiences in Morocco, Spain, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Sierras, Cascades…
  6. Do you think imaging (MRI, x-ray, etc.) is important in the health fields? Do you know about tomography and seismic wave function analysis?
  7. The greatest human issue facing students today involves the impacts of climate change. Wouldn’t it make sense for a pre-health major to learn deeply about climate change?
  8. Making an important measurement, understanding what that measurement means, I sure hope people in the medical field have these skills.  Earth Scientists make a lot of sophisticated chemical measurements and learn these skills.
  9. Many of the core Earth Science prerequisites (Chemistry, Physics, etc.) overlap with courses required for med school.
  10. Earth Science teaches a systems level approach, considering all aspects and scales, much like diagnosing and treating illness in the human body.