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We believe knowledge of the issues affecting our planet’s systems better prepares USC undergraduates for careers in a changing world—whether their career path is pre-med, pre-law, information technology, education, business, the physical sciences, or the geosciences.

The study of Earth’s systems is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world. Climate change, water resources, evolution, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, environmental remediation, and earthquake

and hurricane preparedness are areas of increasing societal concern.

The Department of Earth Sciences teaches more General Education (GE) science credits than any other science department at USC.


We offer our majors and minors close interaction with faculty and graduate students and many opportunities for undergraduate research in the lab and in the field. In recent years our undergraduates have participated in field expeditions to the high Sierra, Mongolia, Spain, and voyages at sea. In 2014, we have launched a mentorship program that matches undergraduate majors with Earth Scientists who have gone on to careers outside of academia.



We also are actively involved with USC College and the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies towards the goal of developing a vigorous Environmental Studies research and teaching program at USC.



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