The Department of Earth Sciences offers several research opportunities for interested undergraduates, both to majors and non-majors. Because Earth science is truly cross disciplinary, undergraduates can gain hands-on experience in a range of areas. There are several avenues for getting involved in Earth Science research see our “Getting into Research” sheet for a summary.



Further details about some of the specific programs can be found via the following links:

Undergraduate Research, Graduate School & Job Opportunities

Workstudy or other lab jobs
Dornsife SOAR (semester) and SURF (summer)
Provost opportunities including the fellowships
Women in Science and Engineering opportunities
Earth Science Research Apprenticeship Program (ESRAP)
Directed Research GEOL 490
Senior Thesis GEOL 494 (See Senior Thesis Guidelines)
Maymester (GEOL 465)
SCEC Internship Programs

All Earth Sciences faculty are involved in research and welcome the involvement of undergraduate students in many projects. We encourage you to visit our research and faculty pages to learn more. If you are interested in working with an individual faculty member you may contact them directly. If you need help finding a faculty member to work with, contact Professor David Bottjer (undergraduate faculty advisor).

SCEC Internship Programs


Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) offers two internship programs for college undergraduate students to conduct field, laboratory, and/or theoretical research under the supervision of leading scientists in the fields of geophysics, earthquake geology, seismology, computer science, tectonics and geodesy.