Please join us November 28 from 2-4pm in KAP 445 to learn about the exciting new research projects being launched by ASE doctoral students!


2 pm — Sarah Fong, “The Roots of Responsibility: Racialization, Settler Colonization, and the American Welfare State”


2:30 pm — Jenny Hoang, “Tomboy Desires: Chineseness and Masculinity in Los Angeles and Taipei”


3 pm — Rosanne Sia, “Performing Fantasy in Motion: The Hemispheric Circulation of Women Performers, 1940-1960”


3:30 pm — Sabrina Howard, “Public Life in Transit: Politics and Identity on Public Transportation in the Contemporary American City”


Support and solidarity, it’s the beauty of the struggle!

Come by to learn about our courses and majors/minors in American Studies and Ethnicity.

ASE Prof Juan De Lara shares the origins of the phrase “stay woke” to inspire continued activism and vigilance regarding racial and social inequities in the latest Dornsife Magazine.

Infographic of Juan De Lara's recognition in the American Studies and Ethnicity Lexicon

See article in the Daily Trojan, here.

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