Get the most out of your Trojan experience with a semester or year at USC Paris. Immersed in French culture, you will benefit from the interactive nature of the program.

Study abroad can also give you an edge in today’s tough job market. Build a stronger résumé, expand your social network and give your USC degree an international perspective at USC Paris!

Video: Study Abroad at USC Paris

Alexandra Lopez reflecting on USC Paris

“Studying abroad opened me up to a world of possibilities for my future. Meeting international people, adapting to a new culture and way of living in Paris, and feeling like every day was an adventure as an expat was thrilling to me, and prompted my desire for start a new chapter in France. I realized that I could make use of my language skills and professional ambitions, and embark on a new kind of American dream abroad.

Since studying abroad, I taught English in Paris then applied and got into HEC Business School for my masters, to pursue a career abroad. I’ve since been working 3 years in Paris at a global cosmetics company, living a simple ten minute walk from the cherished Eiffel Tower with a gorgeous daily view of the Dome of Invalides. Since studying abroad in Paris, I came back twice and then stayed to live.

Paris is still as charming as it was a decade ago when I set foot as a student. The bustling cafes, the shops, the river quais and bridges, the gorgeously lit monuments at night…

I’m incredibly lucky to now call the city home.”

Collin Hennessey – USC Paris Spring ’18

“I came here knowing no one and with little knowledge of the Parisian lifestyle. After my few months here, I have made some friends that I will have for life both inside and outside of my program. I live with a family in a chic “quartier”. We speak French at home, but my host dad knows enough English to help me get by when the conversation goes beyond my abilities. Every day is an adventure. Even after 2 months of exploration, I have still have much to see.

The classes I am taking have been a highlight as well. In my art history course we discuss French art one day and then go to one of Paris’ famed museums on another to see the art we are studying. Never before have I so enjoyed an art museum. My IR course, Islam in France, has been my favorite course ever at USC. Our professor is brilliant and the class is a conversation about a really important aspect of French history. Finally, I take the 8 unit course at the Sorbonne (counting for French 3 and French 4). It has been amazing to experience the French teaching style; my professor is direct and engaging in a way that you often cannot find in the US. My French skills have improved at an exponential rate.”

Kimaada Kiongozi – USC Paris Fall ’16

“I always knew I wanted to study abroad, and I chose Paris because I had been learning French for a while and wanted to test and develop my skills. However, after going for the semester it ended up being so much more! Yes, I was able to significantly develop my French language skills, but I also gained a greater understanding of European culture and life outside of the United States. I acquired amazing memories and friendships! Furthermore, through all my experiences, I now have a better understanding of what I wish to do with my life in the future! Absolutely unforgettable!”

Anisha Chinwalla – USC Paris Fall ‘15

“I was pleasantly surprised by this program and would recommend it to people of all levels of French! Taking classes at a French university offered me a different perspective and exposure to new material that I would have never learned in the states. Seeing the difference in system and thought was also interesting. My experience with my host family was one of the best parts of my experience but also one of the more uncomfortable things to navigate. The idea of working and living abroad has become something I more actively seek as a result of getting a taste of a different culture.”

Rudia Kim – USC Paris Fall ‘15

“The ACCENT and Sorbonne programs are wonderful and have encouraged me to continue to pursue learning and mastering the French language. I am now further interested in politics, which has expanded my career options.”

Christopher Llerena- USC Paris Fall ‘15

“It’s impossible to compare Paris to anywhere else in the world. I was never bored, with all the food, parks, architecture, and museums the city had to offer. I didn’t really grasp how lucky I was to spend a semester in Paris until I left.”

John Zamora – USC Paris Fall ‘15

“The Seine is the lifeblood of Paris. Whether through sharing lunch with friends by it, cruising down it on a river boat, or taking a run alongside it, you can’t not be happy being around the most beautiful avenue in the city of love.”

Carissa Dickerson – USC Paris Spring ‘15

“Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I have grown in confidence and independence. The more I learned about Paris, the more I realize how much I don’t know. I plan to return and live in Paris again someday to learn more. The classes were all super relevant, the food was amazing, the excursions were perfection, and my host family was the best (I miss my host mom’s cooking so much!)”

Alexandra Janin – USC Paris Spring ‘15

“What other program will allow you to read a piece of classic literature, and then walk the streets with your class and see the exact spots in the novel–or watch the theatrical version in the city in which the novel takes place? (That’s FREN 330, by the way!) As Hemingway said, “Paris is a moveable feast.” Your life in Paris will be one big cultural excursion.”

Sydney Wells – USC Paris Academic Year ’14-15

“As expected, I fell in love with Paris. The city itself is beautiful, but the charm is really beyond the surface. The culture is so vibrant and lively that it is immediately recognizable, especially when paying attention to how people interact with each other. Throughout the day, people are running or walking along the Seine, or carrying fresh baguettes home while passing by students grouped together outside of schools laughing and talking in between classes. Once you get past the abrasiveness of this city, despite all of this, you are fully embraced into the culture. I remember how satisfying it felt to be asked directions by someone in the metro. What I got most from USC Paris, was this direct exposure to this culture because I was able to take classes at Institut Catholique and converse with students. Also, ACCENT is a comfortable home base because it is a small community and everyone gets to know each other really well and experience the city together.”