Words From a Student

Emlyn Davis on studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh (ECON)

“Studying abroad in Edinburgh for my Econ major was a great experience. Adam Smith, the “Father of Economics,” was Scottish and as such, the Economics program at UoE was fantastic. I took a class on Experimental Economics, in which we were able to learn in lectures & discussion sections, similar to USC. The UK learning structure is slightly different from ours in the US, so a majority of the grading is based on writing and a comprehensive project at the end of the term. I think this helped me dive deeper in my understanding of the field, rather than simply memorizing and restating factoids. All in all, it was a great experience and the transfer of credits was hassle-free!”

Words From a Student

Bryant Cong on studying abroad at the Australian National University – ANU Internship Program (ECMA/IR)

“I’m Bryant, and I’m a double major in International Relations and Economics/Math. Studying both from an Australian perspective at the Australian National University was absolutely amazing! My favorite IR class was a class examining the politics of Pacific Island countries—Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, etc. Learning from regional Australian experts on the topic and thinking about a region that had never crossed my mind before studying IR at USC was a mind-opening experience. I couldn’t believe that I got the chance to study at the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at ANU (considered one of the world’s best IR schools) and to be in Canberra—a world capital where movers and shakers in Asian foreign policy make decisions.

I also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to take a math class at ANU’s College of Business & Economics that is not normally offered at USC! The ANU has an incredible selection of courses across all majors, stemming from its reputation in Australia as a place where experts choose to research and teach.

Beyond my classes, I got the incredible chance to participate in the Australian National Internships Program (ANIP), through which I researched humanitarian assistance & disaster relief policy for the Royal Australian Navy. Through ANIP, I got the chance to interview senior figures in the Australian Navy and Department of Defense, and made lasting connections with my mentors and my Australian cohort.”