Julia Han in Brighton

My name is Julia and I studied Mathematics at the University of Sussex (Brighton, England) in Spring 2019. Academically, the semester helped me discover a new form of learning – the UK teaching style is much more hands-off, with just two hours of lecture per week to encourage students to form peer study groups and learn independently. Rest assured, there are ample office hours and discussions where you can go for support. However, I found this experience super valuable in helping me develop independent study skills that served me well even once I was back at USC. During my time at Sussex, I formed close bonds with other Maths students who I still Facetime today. I’m excited to head back post-pandemic and visit them all in Brighton.

More importantly, my semester abroad heavily influenced my personal and professional post-grad ambitions. I approached study abroad as an opportunity to have fun, learn new things, and take on a challenge – without foresight of how much the experience would change my future plans. Now, I’m planning to pursue graduate school abroad, and have talked with my consulting firm about international transfers during my second or third year. Studying abroad changes your weekend-trip-travel-bug into a long-term interest in understanding other cultures by fully immersing yourself for months, if not years. Studying abroad is a must-do during your time at USC!