We are proud to offer the following minors for undergraduate study

Please click through to learn more about the requirements for the completion of each minor. Requirements for majors and minors may also be found on the University Catalogue, here.

The minor in history is available to students in all schools and departments. The study of history deepens our understanding of peoples and societies and expands our knowledge of important issues in the world today. History minors will strengthen their skills in critical thinking, assessing evidence, and formulating clear and persuasive arguments both oral and written.

The minor in the history and culture of business is available to all students in all schools and departments. It is designed to cultivate an understanding of business as it is embedded in changing cultural, social and political environments in the United States and around the globe.

To resist genocide effectively, we need to understand its history — the factors that have brought it about and those that have enabled people to prevent, resist or recuperate from mass violence. This interdisciplinary minor draws upon USC faculty in 11 academic units researching the causes, results and representations of attempted genocide as well as resistance to genocidal mass violence. Courses include attention to different definitions of genocide, its occurrence around the world and its representation in literature and the arts.