All admitted History PhD students receive five years of funding, which covers tuition, most fees, and medical and dental coverage. Funding packages consist of three years of fellowship support and two years of employment as a teaching assistant. For additional, need-based aid, such as government loans and grants, a separate application is required through the University’s Financial Aid Office. There are three basic sources of financial aid available to graduate students in history who are U.S. citizens:.

  • The Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School offer fellowships to all students entering doctoral study at USC. These multi-year packages include all tuition and fees, three years of fellowship support, and two years or more of graduate assistantship.
  • Advanced doctoral students may compete for additional research awards offered by the University, including the Endowed, Research, and Final Year Fellowships; and the Mentored Teaching Awards. The Van Hunnick History Department has maintained an excellent track record in obtaining these coveted awards for its most highly qualified applicants. Read more on the Graduate Student Resources page.
  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) help full-time faculty in course instruction, taking responsibility for leading discussion sections, grading student work, helping the professor with class preparation, and advising undergraduate students on both course requirements and their classroom performance. TA stipends are for a full-time appointment, and all also provide tuition remission for full-time study as well as health insurance and mandatory student health center fees.
  • Some editorial or research assistantships are also offered by the department or by research centers and institutes at USC.

TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS are typically assigned by the Chair of History and Director of Graduate Studies at the end of each semester for the forthcoming semester. Students may request to teach in a particular class or for a particular professor, but will be placed where most needed. For more information, visit Graduate Assistant Resources. For University policies and guidelines for TAs, check the Handbook for Teaching Assistants.

OTHER SOURCES OF FUNDING for research and travel are available as USC-funded internal grants and grants/fellowships from external sources.

  • Some of the research centers and institutes around USC offer competitive research funds. See their websites for more information, e.g., EMSIVSGCEASC, etc.
  • The Van Hunnick History Department provides reimbursement for research-related expenses and for conference travel up to $500 per year. Students may apply for these funds by filling out the Exceptional Funding form.