We are proud to offer the following majors for undergraduate study

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The History major offers students a means to encounter the peoples and cultures of the past and develop critical thinking, research and writing skills essential for understanding the present. The program exposes students to underlying connections between the study of past times and places and the roots of that study in human concerns about values, identities, issues and policies.

This major is designed for students drawn to interdisciplinary study of legal and cultural issues, as well as those who intend to pursue a law degree. It offers students an interdisciplinary education in legal institutions, languages and processes that are central to social, cultural and political developments in the past and present, and play a critical role in shaping our most basic concepts and categories of thought and identity. It combines approaches from history, literature, philosophy, political theory, religion and classical studies to explore the law’s position at the nexus of society.

The Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Latino and Latin American Studies (CLLA) is an interdisciplinary major bridging the fields of Latin American Studies (focusing on the history and cultures of Central and South America) and Latino Studies (focusing on the experience of Chicano/a and Latino/a communities in the United States). By combining these two areas of scholarly inquiry in a single undergraduate degree, students acquire interdisciplinary perspectives on the indigenous and transnational histories, cultures, and social issues of the Américas.

This degree is designed for students who are interested in a career in secondary school teaching. The courses chosen reflect the content of subjects taught in high schools and middle schools in California and therefore should be useful for those contemplating the profession of teaching history and social studies. It does not, however, provide a waiver of the CSET examination.