Location and Hours

Van Hunnick History Department
Social Sciences Building (SOS) 153
3502 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0034

Monday-Friday | 8:30am-5:00pm

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Phone: 213-740-1657 Fax: 213-740-6999


Simone Bessant
Program Specialist
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-740-1660
Email: bessant@usc.edu
Melissa Calderon
Student Services Advisor (Undergraduate Students)
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-740-1659
Email: mborek@usc.edu
Jennifer Hernandez
Student Services Advisor (Graduate Students)
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-821-5455
Email: jenniferhd@usc.edu
Sandra Hopwood
Administrative Assistant II
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-740-1661
Email: sandrajo@usc.edu
Lori Rogers
Office Manager II
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-740-8999
Email: lrogers@usc.edu

Department Chair

Paul Lerner
Professor of History
Chair, Department of History
Office: SOS 153
Phone: (213)-821-1062
Email: plerner@usc.edu

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Lindsay O’Neill

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: SOS 255
Phone: (213)-821-1680
Email: ljoneill@usc.edu

Director of Graduate Studies

Brett Sheehan
Director of Graduate Studies
Office: SOS 173
Email: bsheehan@usc.edu