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Data and Analysis to Power Social Change

At ERI, we ask the hard questions about equity and deliver accurate and credible numbers with narratives. We lead with optimism and provide data and analysis to support social, racial, economic, and environmental equity. Our work is grounded in research to create new narratives, systems change, and a more equitable approach to power and justice.

Rigorous and relevant research

    ERI’s California Immigrant Data Portal

    The portal is a resource and progress tracker for immigrants and those serving immigrant communities across the state of California. This website presents data and case studies that can be used to better understand and promote the well-being of immigrants, their families, and their communities.

    Solidarity Economics

    Solidarity Economics is a book, project, and partnership created by the Institute for Social Transformation, the Everett Program at UC Santa Cruz and USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute. We work in collaboration with social movements for economic, racial, and environmental justice to push forward a more unifying economic narrative that centers on the voices of marginalized communities.

    The National Equity Atlas

    The National Equity Atlas is America’s most detailed report card on racial and economic equity. The Atlas is a collaboration between PolicyLink and USC Equity Research Institute to equip movement leaders and policymakers with actionable data and strategies to advance racial equity and shared prosperity.

    2 photos from the National Equity Atlas website: 1 photo of three children with the word

    ERI Celebration of Community: 15 Years of Solidarity and Service

    To commemorate ERI’s 15 years of impact, progress, and growth, we share this anniversary video that beautifully captures the essence of ERI through the heartfelt voices of partners, staff, and allies.

    Danielle Deane Ryan
    Dr. Hajar Yazdiha
    Victor Narro

    Danielle Deane Ryan

    Meet Danielle Deane Ryan, Climate and Energy Justice Fellow at The New School and a climate equity, clean energy, and philanthropy leader. She emphasizes the vital role of ERI’s mentorship in empowering individuals and partners in fostering strong collaborators to build power and drive change: “Prof. Pastor and his team have generously mentored so many people, including me, that are working to be better allies in the fight towards environmental and economic justice.”

    Dr. Hajar Yazdiha

    Meet Dr. Hajar Yazdiha, Assistant Professor of Sociology and affiliate faculty at USC ERI. Dr. Yazdiha sheds light on how ERI has been a leader in community-engaged research. This model has in Dr. Yazdiha’s words,“… help[ed] us rethink what it means to be scholars who are public-facing and who are scholar activists.”

    Victor Narro

    Meet Victor Narro, Project Director and Professor of Labor Studies at the UCLA Labor Center. As an ERI Advisory Committee member, renowned activist & educator, Victor shares his first hand experience of how ERI’s data has been an indispensable tool, empowering his daily policy work and fostering collaborations with passionate organizers.

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