Broad social change is possible. It requires strategists to look beyond campaigns and toward lasting infrastructure and capacities; funders to invest beyond the issues and work to move the needle on power; and organizers to think beyond urgent demands and protests and instead plan toward governing for a more inclusive and just society.

ERI’s work in the area of governing power includes:

  1. Conducting cross-disciplinary studies of today’s social movements, including indicators of success and measures of power
  2. Supporting learning and strategizing efforts to advance dialogues among organizers, funders, intermediaries, evaluators, and academics
  3. Developing research-based social change frameworks and tools to inform—and be informed by—real-world, real-time efforts towards a vision of deep change

Our partners include California Calls, Change ElementalPICO CaliforniaThe California Endowment, Prof. Veronica Terriquez, and countless community organizers who have shared their wisdom with us.


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