Welcome to Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture


Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (CSLC) is an exciting and innovative doctoral program. It was inaugurated by USC Dornsife College in 2011 and admitted its first entering class for the 2011-12 academic year. 

Behind the creation of CSLC was the idea that Ph.D. education in our fields (Comparative Literature, French and Francophone, and Spanish and Latin American Studies) ought to cultivate a common ground in addition to fostering specialized research.  We thus wanted to design a program that could remap the boundaries of these fields while carrying on the very best of their traditions and enlarging what each can bring to the study of its discipline.  The invention of CSLC marks our renewed and ongoing commitment to shaping the future of doctoral education in the humanities. 

There are several hallmarks of CSLC’s program: 

  • three distinct Tracks
  • a wholly new Track called Comparative Media and Culture, which allows you to study all kinds of media in a strongly grounded context of cultural and linguistic difference
  • a core curriculum shared by all three Tracks
  • two workshop courses to help you prepare for your teaching and research career: one on publishing and the other on applying for academic positions.

In addition to these new features, CSLC combines the energies and expertise of nearly 30 full-time faculty and over 40 current graduate students.  And we plan to grow!

Discover more about CSLC as we begin our adventure at USC.

Questions about the new CSLC doctoral program?  Email cslc@dornsife.usc.edu