• Dissertation: “Colonial Ventures: the Poetics of Migration, Colonization, and Labor in Francophone North America”

  • Dissertation: “X-human: Radical Queer Politics in the wake of May ’68 France”

  • Dissertation: “The Phenomenal Body: Abstraction, Alienation, and Affinity in Translation”

  • Dissertation: “Radiant Mushrooms of Postwar Japanese Media”

  • Dissertation: “Tasty, Comestible Men: Metabolic Poetics in Senegal”

  • Dissertation: “Beyond the Sea that Separates: Francophone Voices of Oceania”

  • Dissertation: “Magic and Media: The Critical Concept of Telepathy (1918-1939)”

  • Dissertation: “The Anatomy of the Drives: An Intellectual History of Psychoanalysis in Russia from 1905 to 1930”

  • Dissertation: “Untimely Passages: Experiments in Venezuelan Literary and Visual Culture”


  • Placement: MLIS Program at University of California, Los Angeles

    Dissertation: “The Chinovnik and the Rond-de-cuir: Bureaucratic Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Russian and French Literature”

  • Placement: University of Southern California

    Dissertation: “Seeing Where There’s Nothing to See: French Filmmakers and Writers and Everyday Life in Postwar Social Space”


  • Placement: ACLS Fellow

    Dissertation: “Writing Resistance: sex, love and feminine protest in Moroccan literature and film”

  • Placement: Scripps College

    Dissertation: “Identity Trouble: National Bodies and French Hospitality”

    Marketing Content Writer
  • Placement: Writer/Editor at Sana

    Dissertation: “Writing The Three Amigos in English: A Case Study Examining the Ethics and Politics of Writing Journalistic and Academic Film Criticism on (Trans)National Cinema in the United States”


  • Placement: Proposal Manager at Worldwide Clinical Trials

    Dissertation: “Mnica Mayer’s collective art practice, 1978–2018”

  • Placement: Tenure track at University of Utah

    Dissertation: “Dictatorial Duress: A Cinematic Mapping of Madrid from Dictatorship to Democracy”

  • Placement: Postdoctoral Scholar & Teaching Fellow at University of Southern California

    Dissertation: “(Alter)Native Soil: Cultural Identity and National Consciousness in Transnational Taiwan Literature”


  • Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Southern California

    Dissertation: “American Sovereignty and the Technologies of Global War”

  • Placement: Assistant Director of Peer Jacks at Northern Arizona University

    Dissertation: “Errant Maternity: Threatening Femininity in Caribbean Discourses of Family, Nation, and Revolution”

  • Dissertation: “The Poetics of Disillusionment: The Legacy of the Eighteenth-Century Ceremonial Ode in Nineteenth-Century Russian Lyric Poetry and Pastoral Prose”


  • Dissertation: “Dances of Death: Verbal and Visual Transformations of the Body in Russian Modernism”

  • Placement: Instructor at the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities

    Dissertation: “Alternative Realisms: Subjectivity-Production in Novels and Games”

  • Placement: Assistant Professor at California State University, San Bernardino

    Dissertation: “Poetics and Poetisas of the U.S. Spanish-Language Press, 1854-1915”


  • Placement: Assistant Professor at Boston College

    Dissertation: “Gastropoetics: Cultural Figurations of Eating in Modern Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba”

  • Placement: Indiana University

    Dissertation: “The Translation of American Comic Strips in Pre-World War II Japan and the Origins of Contemporary Narrative Manga”

  • Placement: Editor-in-Chief of Cobra Milk

    Dissertation: “Witnessing Silence: Testimony, Performance, and the Poetics of the Unspeakable”

  • Placement: Assistant Director of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley School of Information

    Dissertation: “Re-imagining Utopia in Post-Stalinist Science Fiction”

  • Placement: Program and Development Lead at USC Shoah Foundation

    Dissertation: “Anti-Gritos: Screaming as Witnessing in Postwar Central America”

  • Placement: Adjunct Professorial Lecturer at American University

    Dissertation: “The “Impersonal Project” in Lev Tolstoy’s Prose”

  • Placement: Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Dissertation: “Mxico Necrtico: Queer Readings of the Politics of Death”


  • Placement: Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University

    Dissertation: “The Veiled Screen: Uncanny Crystallizations in the Moving Image”

  • Placement: Fellow at the Centre for Renaissance & Reformation Studies, University of Toronto

    Dissertation: “Blood is the Argument: Discourses of Blood, Character, and Affinity in Early Modern Drama”

  • Placement: IDEA Fellow at Stony Brook University

    Dissertation: “The Anxiety of Interrupted Kinship: Transpacific Cultures of Korean Historical Trauma”


  • Placement: Associate Dean at The Cooper Union Library

    Dissertation: “Revolution and Domesticity in Egyptian Women’s Political Texts”


  • Placement: Freelance (TV and Film Production)

    Dissertation: “Neighbor Plots: The Ethics of Strangeness in the Modern Gothic”

  • Placement: Williams College

    Dissertation: “Becoming Darkness: Mexico, the United States and the Psychic Vanishing of Radical Blackness”

  • Placement: City University of Hong Kong

    Dissertation: “Conditions of Literary Modernism: A Conceptual History of Chinese Literature, 1860-1925”


  • Dissertation: “Constructing Che Guevara: Figurations of an Epic Hero”

  • Placement: Assistant Professor of Teaching, Classics, at University of California, Irvine

    Dissertation: “The Biopoetic: Toward a Posthuman Epic”