All offers of admission to CSLC include five years of full financial support. These support packages take several forms, which are described below. There is no separate application for any of them.


Dornsife-Graduate School Ph.D. Fellowship in the Humanities

This is the most common form of the five-year financial support package offered to admitted applicants. Three of these five years are fellowships. This means that students receive tuition remission for up to 12 units each semester (fall, spring and summer), medical and dental insurance, all fees, and a monthly stipend distributed over 12 months. For the two non-fellowship years, students are assigned some teaching responsibilities, for example, as a teaching assistant in a large lecture class, an instructor in a basic language course or in the Writing Program. During these years, they receive essentially the same level of support as during their fellowship years: tuition remission, health insurance, most fees, and stipend.


Provost Fellowship in the Humanities

This highly competitive fellowship is awarded to a top-ranked applicant who has a record of excellence in scholarship and demonstrates outstanding academic promise. With the exception of a higher stipend, the other conditions of the award are the same as the Dornsife-Graduate School Ph.D. Fellowship: three fellowship years and two teaching years, full tuition remission, insurance, and most fees.


Other forms of support

CSLC has additional funds available to support continuing graduate student research and professional activity. Students apply for these funds as needed to cover costs, for example, for travel to archives, participation in professional meetings, summer study programs, and other activities.

The Graduate Student Government also makes small grants (maximum $500 per year for domestic conferences, $1000 for international conferences) to cover costs for travel to conferences, for example.

The Graduate School awards a number of fellowships for continuing students. Nominations are made annually for these awards by the CSLC Graduate Studies Committee and the final selection is made by Graduate School.

Students are also encouraged to seek external fellowships. The Graduate School has a list of external fellowships here.