Please note that effective October 26th, 2023 Dornsife HR has implemented FreshService for the electronic submission of staff position requests.


  1. Please refer to the Step-by-Step guide for instructions on how to submit your request via FreshService.
  2. Please see “Position Request Forms” on this page (→) to obtain the necessary forms when submitting your request via FreshService.
  3. To request a new or replacement position (including postdoctoral, resource employee or visiting academic), these forms must be completed by the hiring unit. Please remember to attach these forms when submitting your request in FreshService.

✅ To prevent delays, please review and complete all sections, sign and date where needed.


Before submitting your request, please ensure that you obtained the appropriate funding source account number(s) from your designated Deputy Director.


Please note that the instructions provided on this page may also apply to a posting waiver. Positions that are “posting waived” means you have identified a candidate and would like to request an exemption from posting on the web. Generally, the following positions are eligible for a posting waiver.

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Resource Employee
  • Visiting Academic


Position Request Forms

Please complete the forms listed below.

  1. Job Information Questionnaire
  2. Job Description with percentages. Please enter percent of effort in 5% increments. Find your specific job description >
    This form is not required for postdoctoral, resource employee and visiting academic positions.
  3. SHC spreadsheet – if the position is not funded on grants, contracts or gift accounts, please complete this spreadsheet. This will be sent to the Strategic Hiring Committee at the Provost’s Office for further review and approval.

✅ To prevent delays, please review and complete all sections, sign and date where needed.

Please include:

  1. Preferred job announcement: please send as a Word document.
  2. Identified candidate’s CV or resume: required for posting waivers, postdoctoral, visiting academic and resource employee positions.

Additional forms:

Job Description Addendum – only use this form when assigning duties that are not covered in the original job description. You may enter up to 30% duties on this form.

Position Questionnaire – certain job titles require completion of this form. On the Job description form under Job Summary, if it says “COMPLETED POSITION QUESTIONNAIRE REQUIRED FOR POSTING” please include this form.


Position Approval Process

The approval process outlined below can take 10-12 business days. If a position requires SHC approval (Strategic Hiring Committee) please add an additional 5 business days to the process. 


What happens after you submit?

  • USC Dornsife HR will review your request for completion. You will be notified via email if additional information or documents are required.
  • Upon receipt of all required information/documents, your request will move forward to Position Control (PC) for review and approval. Please note that Position Control takes place once a week, typically every Wednesday.

Once approved by Position Control:

  • Positions funded on grants, contracts or gifts will be submitted in Workday for further review and approval
  • Positions not funded on grants, contracts or gifts will route to the Strategic Hiring Committee (SHC) at the Provost’s Office for approval. The turn around time for SHC approval is 5 business days. Upon SHC approval, position will be submitted in Workday.

Workday Notification:

  • Please expect an email from usc@myworkday.com requesting that you log into Workday and approve the position/job requisition.
  • Upon approval, your manager will also receive the same notification. Please remind your manager to log into Workday and approve the position.
  • After your manager’s approval, the request will route to Central HR, the Provost’s Office and the USC Dornsife Office of Administration and Finance for system approvals.

We make every effort to expedite each request, however, additional delays may still occur. Please plan your recruitment/hiring process with these timelines in mind. If you have any questions, concerns or need additional information, please contact USC Dornsife HR at hrrequests@dornsife.usc.edu.


Position Approved In Workday

Once all system approvals have been obtained, you will receive an email from USC Dornsife HR that your position has been posted on the web. The email will contain instructions on how to view your posting and manage candidates via Workday recruiting.

Please review and save this email as it contains important instructions and guidelines regarding applicant tracking and your responsibilities as the hiring unit.


Where To Find Your Candidates


Workday Recruiting is UCS’s applicant management system which has been designed to help departments identify, select and hire the very best talent quickly and collaboratively, all in one unified system.

To view your candidates, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Workday.
  2. On your home page find Your Top Apps on the right hand corner
  3. Scroll down and click on the Recruiting app
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Recent, you will find your job requisition

As a hiring department, you have complete insight into your recruitment process, and are responsible for reviewing and managing your candidates.

This includes moving candidates through the Workday recruiting stages which are:



✓Reference Check


To ensure compliance with the university’s applicant tracking policy, please utilize the Guide for Workday Recruiting when taking action on your candidates in Workday.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the stages and actions required when managing candidates. Get help with Workday recruiting (video tutorials, and more) >

If you would like to schedule a virtual training session on Workday recruiting please send an email to hrrequests@dornsife.usc.edu.


Posting Guidelines and USC Compliance

All positions must be posted for a minimum of 5 business days or 8 calendar days.

You may begin the review, selection and interview process as soon as candidates apply. However, you may not extend an employment offer until the required posting period has been met.


Please refer to the Guide for Workday Recruiting to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps prior to extending a verbal offer.

Positions will be posted on the Workday internal career and external USC Careers site.

Important reminders:

  • Please refer to the Guide when moving candidates forward and do not skip any of these steps.
  • Positions must be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days or eight (8) calendar days. No offer may be extended until the required posting period has elapsed.
  • Do not attempt to “remove your posting” or unpost your position in Workday. Once you have an adequate number of candidates to consider, please reach out to hrrequests@dornsife.edu so we can unpost your position from the web.
  • Refer to the Guide and review the “Do’s and Don’ts” section for special instructions regarding Prior Workers.
  • Do not extend a verbal offer until the reference check has been completed in Workday.
  • Do not extend a verbal offer until the required posting period has elapsed.

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