Workday Recruiting is USC’s applicant management system is designed to help departments identify, select and hire the very best talent quickly and collaboratively, all in one unified system.

USC has added Workday’s recruiting module for application processing for all staff positions (the recruitment process for all faculty positions will be managed in the existing Faculty Application Manager system).

Managing Candidates: Applicant Tracking Compliance




As a hiring department, you will have complete insight into your recruitment process, and are responsible for reviewing and managing your candidates in Workday Recruiting.

This includes moving candidates through the recruiting stages which are:

✓ Screen

✓ Interview

✓ Reference Check

✓ Offer

Please check your Workday inbox for any action items that must be completed as you move candidates forward.

To view your candidates, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Workday.
  2. On your home page find Your Top Apps in the right corner
  3. Scroll down and click on the Recruiting app
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Recent, you will find your job requisition

To ensure compliance with the university’s applicant tracking policy, please utilize the Guide for Workday Recruiting when taking action on your candidates in Workday.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the stages and actions required when managing candidates.

Important reminders: 

  • Please refer to the Guide when moving candidates forward and please do not skip any steps.
  • Positions must be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days or eight (8) calendar days. No offer may be extended until the required posting period has elapsed.
  • Do not attempt to “remove your posting” or unpost your position in Workday. Once you have an adequate number of candidates to consider, please reach out to hrrequests@dornsife.edu so we can unpost your position from the web.
  • Refer to the Guide and review the “Do’s and Don’ts” section for special instructions regarding Prior Workers.
  • Do not extend a verbal offer until the reference check has been completed in Workday.
  • Do not extend a verbal offer until the required posting period has elapsed.

If you would like to schedule a virtual training session on Workday recruiting please send an email to hrrequests@dornsife.usc.edu.

Workday Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are available to help you navigate the system and manage your candidates.

Video #2 – demonstrates how to locate your candidate pipeline, use the candidate grid when reviewing candidate’s experience, education, etc. and how to use filters and perform mass action when moving forward or declining candidates.

Video #3 – if you are assigned a recruiter role, this provides a demo on how to complete the Review Screen/Interview inbox action in Workday and how to complete the Questionnaire.

Video #4 – if you are assigned a manager role, this provides a demo on how to complete the Review Screen/Interview inbox action in Workday and how to complete the Questionnaire.

Video #6 – if you are assigned a recruiter role, this provides a demo on how to complete the Primary Recruiter Schedule Interview Team inbox action in Workday, how to provide a rating and candidate feedback, and move forward or decline.

Video #7 – if you are assigned a manager role, this provides a demo on how to complete the Manager Schedule Interview Team inbox action in Workday, and how to provide a rating and candidate feedback.

Key Features for Hiring Managers

  • Have ready access to candidate information
  • Gain insight into your candidate pipeline and quickly identify the most qualified people
  • Designed for mobile use – ability to perform tasks from any mobile device
  • Review candidates and in some cases take action on candidates directly in Workday

To log into Workday Recruiting, please visit the USC Employee Gateway.

Learn more about Workday Recruiting >>

Reviewing Applications

Applicants may only be considered if they meet minimum qualifications as prescribed in the job description, but you must consider all similarly-qualified applicants.

When reviewing application materials, consider the following questions as applicable:

  • Do the experience/education/skills listed align with the requirements of the position?
  • Does the applicant show career progression and development?
  • Are there large, unexplained gaps in work chronology?

Make a list of applicants who most closely match your needs so that you can begin interviewing. Applicants who advance to the interview process become formal candidates for the position. At this point, all candidates should be given a copy of the job description prior to the interview process.

If you’re considering international candidates, be sure to read USC’s Hiring Foreign Nationals policy.

Conducting Interviews








Remember that when you interview candidates, you represent USC. Providing a good experience can leave the candidate with positive feelings about the university even if no job offer results.

You may choose to make your final selection after you conduct one-on-one interviews, or you may choose to conduct a panel interview instead of or in addition to one-on-one interviews. An interview panel might consist of the department chair/director, another manager who will interact with this position, a peer of the new hire, a subordinate who will report to the new hire, and/or any party to whom this position will provide service.

Whatever the interview format, the purpose is always the same – to gather more detailed information about the candidate. This does not mean simply getting additional information on the skills, experience and education presented in the application materials; rather, it means obtaining a more complete picture of the candidate to help you determine who will best serve your team’s needs. Your goal is to develop rapport with each candidate and to probe for information from past behavior that will provide insight into the candidate’s motivation, intellectual abilities, technical and interpersonal skills, and potential for success in the position.

More help on interviewing is available in TrojanLearn. Search for the Interview Edge curriculum bundle.

Your interview notes and feedback should be kept in Workday to fulfill reporting requirements. Please refer to the Guide for Workday Recruiting when taking action on your candidates.

For Internal Applicants

USC employees can now access their Workday career profile to record experience, skills, training and education – similar to a LinkedIn profile – all within Workday.

USC employees will be able to:

  • Maintain personal career profiles in Workday
  • Use their personal profile information to populate applications if they are seeking new USC job opportunities
  • Easily refer friends to specific job openings
  • Share jobs with friends via social media

To access this from your Workday home page, click the career worklet.

Note that USC employees seeking new staff job opportunities at USC will now apply to jobs directly from within Workday. Before applying you will be required to complete the new career profile component mentioned above. All employees, whether or not they are job hunting, are encouraged to complete and maintain a profile. Managers will be able to reference these profiles as they build succession plans. Recruiters will be able to identify potential internal candidates matching the particular skills and experience they are seeking.

It’s easy to complete your profile; from within Workday, click on your name in the top right corner, click on View Profile and then click on the career tab. You can both upload a resume (which will automatically populate parts of your profile) and also manually enter information. Your completed career profile will be visible to your manager, management chain and HR support staff.

Learn more >>


For External Applicants

The external USC careers site, to which all staff and faculty positions will be posted, has also been redesigned.

Features include:

  • Improved job application experience
  • Ability to apply via mobile and (for external applicants) to apply via LinkedIn
  • Ability to upload a resume and have it automatically populate a personalized career profile



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