Sociology Major

The greater Los Angeles area provides a natural laboratory for students to explore such sociological themes as race relations, work and workplace, immigration, the family in a changing society, population trends, globalization, religion, and the criminal justice system.  Many of our undergraduate courses include opportunities to engage with the community and pursue independent research. 

Undergraduate Degrees

*new* requirements:

            for students entering program beginning Fall 2011

            (for former requirements, see 2010 course catalogue.  current students completing their degree after Fall 2011 will have the option of following the new or the old major and minor requirements)

Major Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


Nine courses (36 units) to include the four core courses of sociology:

            SOCI 200        Introduction to Sociology

            SOCI 313        Sociological Research Methods

            SOCI 314        Analyzing Social Statistics            

            SOCI 370        Sociological Theory                        

Five additional courses are required for the major.  These are to be chosen from the elective upper division sociology courses grouped into two Theme Areas:

            I: Social Inequality

            II: Social Change and Public Policy

All majors must take at least one course in each of the two theme areas.

(See Theme Area descriptions.)

A minimum of a C (2.0) average in the major is required for graduation.

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