Director and Staff

Professor Art History, History, and Critical Studies

Director, VSRI

Director, VSGC

Jennifer Miller

Associate Director
VSGC Graduate Advisor

Graduate Research Assistant

PhD Student, Art History

Executive Committee

Professor of Art History and History

Provost Professor of English and Art History

Professor of Cinematic Arts, Comparative Literature, and East Asian Languages and Cultures

Professor of Anthropology, Gender Studies and Political Science

Professor of Art History

Associate Professor of Classics and Art History

Associate Professor, School of Cinematic Arts

Advisory Committee

Associate Professor of Religion 

Associate Professor of Art History

University Professor and Leo S. Bing Chair in English and American Literature and Professor of English and History

Professor of Critical Studies and English

Associate Professor of Architecture

Professor of History

Assistant Professor of Art History

Professor of Art History and Fine Arts

Dornsife Dean’s Professor, School of International Relations

Robert A. Day Professor of Art and Design,
Vice Dean of Critical Studies, Roski School of Art and Design

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Gender Studies

Professor of Critical Studies and Gender Studies

Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature

Professor, School of Cinematic Arts
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Professor of History

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Dean’s Professor of English

Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature

Professor of Art History

Affiliated Faculty

Catherine Clark

Associate Professor of History and French Studies Director of MIT Digital Humanities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brian R. Jacobson

Professor Visual Culture, California Institute of Technology

Lecturer in Historical Sciences and Art Theory, Universidad de las Islas Baleares

Associate Professor of Art History, University of Delaware

Associate Professor, School of Cinematic Arts

Professor of Anthropology and Religion

Endowed Professor of American Art
Inaugural director of graduate studies and museum partnerships with the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Curator, Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Associate Professor, History, University of Idaho

Professor, Geography, University of Geneva

Professor and Chair of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Kunsthistorisches Institut, Universität Tübingen

Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor of English Language and Literature and Art History, University of Chicago

Affiliated Post-Docs


2022-24 Society of Fellows in the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History

Former Post-Docs

Lecturer in Art History

University of St. Andrews

Associate Curator of Early Modern Painting
The National Gallery

Assistant Professor, History of Architecture, University of Toronto

Endowed Associate Professor of Contemporary Art, University of Arkansas

Assistant Professor, School of Art and Art History, University of Denver

Lecturer in New Media and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam

Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Iowa

Lecturer, Yolanda David Katz Faculty of the Arts, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Director, Visualization Lab for Digital Art History, University of California Berkeley