Finding One’s Place: Photography and Its Many Dimensions

February 1-2, 2019

A two-day symposium co- organized by LACMA, USC Visual Studies Research Institute, and UC-Riverside Arts and convened by Britt Salvesen and Vanessa Schwartz. Inspired by the LACMA exhibition 3D: Double Vision, the symposium will also go beyond stereoscopy to address how photography has historically been deployed to depict place and to situate viewers in physical space and to help construct it. Speakers will address the uses of photography in geological and geographic accounts, hierarchies of value in curatorial practice, and the history of immersive installations, among other topics. The symposium will also a special exhibition viewing with artists in the gallery at LACMA and a visit to the California Museum of Photography, in Riverside and an overview of the Keystone-Mast Collection there.

Material Evidence, Visual Knowledge

April 30- May 1, 2015

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Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World

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Photography’s Past Futures

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May 2009

Caught in the Act

Missillac, France,
Spring 2009