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Practitioners in California's (CA) coastal counties generally recognize that climate change will impact their communities and coastline. Yet, coastal CA communities are at different stages in developing and/or implementing climate change adaptation plans. In order to more precisely identify community needs, USC Sea Grant and partners have conducted longitudinal coastal practitioner surveys in 2007, 2011, 2016, and 2023 (ongoing). The overarching goal of these surveys is to understand the needs and challenges of people working to prepare for the effects of climate change along California’s open ocean, bay, delta, and estuarine coastlines. These surveys are being distributed to a broad range of people, including governmental and non-governmental resource managers, property interests, land stewards, and other persons who are involved or interested in California coastal resource management, conservation, stewardship, and adaptation to sea level rise and associated coastal hazards. Results will help the state determine where more guidance, financial resources, and science resources are needed to help them effectively invest funds. Results will also help USC Sea Grant, and partner organizations, fine-tune how to best work with communities to advance adaptation planning. 

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