USC Sea Grant 2024-2027 Strategic Plan


USC Sea Grant’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan was developed in 2022, relying on input from the range of interests and stakeholders at the national, regional, state and local levels. We surveyed members of our Advisory Council, Academic Coordinators and the California Natural Resources Agency Sea Grant Advisory Panel (RASGAP), as well as a diversity of community members in the region. These included: individuals from local and state governments, marine transportation and ports, K-12 and higher education professionals, coastal businesses, university researchers, native peoples, commercial fisheries (including aquaculture), nonprofit environmental organizations, coastal residents, and communications professionals. 

The major focus areas of the USC Sea Grant plan are aligned with the goals, outcomes, and performance measures of the National Strategic Plan. The USC Sea Grant Strategic Plan for 2023-2024 is broad in scope and vision, but with recognition of the constraints imposed by the modest character of our resources. We thus continue to prioritize the elements of our research, extension, and education portfolio in order to focus on the most pressing concerns of the greater urban Southern California region. 

We have aligned USC Sea Grant’s major focus areas with the National Plan focus areas, including: