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Although the ocean covers 71% of the planet, is a large and steadily growing source of the world's of protein, and is responsible for regulating the earth's climate, ocean science education is not always available for young students. Despite their proximity to the coast, there are many children here in the Los Angeles watersheds who have never seen the ocean. This is often due to resources, especially for many inner-city schools and students. What is perhaps more remarkable, though, is the undeniable connection many of these children feel to the ocean upon seeing it for the first time.

USC Sea Grant has a strong record of connecting ocean sciences and policy to education by reaching out to the local community of Los Angeles, meeting with and responding to requests from educators, youth or families, and providing educational resources to connect children to the ocean. USC Sea Grant's goal is to make current marine science and local scientific expertise available to all people in Los Angeles.

View USC Sea Grant's Quarterly Publication, the Urban Mariner, Education Special Issue: "The Fire Within" (PDF)

View the video, Making A Difference with Environmental Education, a profile of the marine debris school outreach program with the Malibu Foundation.

Educator Professional Development

USC Sea Grant develops a number of resources for educator professional development. This includes curricula and trainings through the COSEE West program, online workshops, and public lectures.  We partner with a number of organization from formal education groups to informal science center and formal education programs. We provide links to all of our professional development resources online. Learn more...

Student and Family Programs

The family and student programs available through USC Sea Grant support lifelong-learning in ocean science.  We have several programs that are based on Catalina Island that  provide guided opportunities for students to look more closely at the natural world, and to learn about technology used by scientists to study and understand it.   Learn more...


In partnership with both formal and informal education centers, USC Sea Grant has developed a vast suite of marine curricula for science teachers nationally and internationally. We provide educators with up-to-date content, lesson plans and resources to facilitate teaching ocean sciences and to increase communication between educators and ocean researchers. Learn more...

Community Based Science

USC Sea Grant coordinates community based and citizen science programs for harmful algal blooms and sea level rise in Southern California. Learn more...


USC Sea Grant works alongside many partners to develop ocean, climate and environmental literacy principles and tools. Learn more...

Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

USC Sea Grant works closely with the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, to support marine and environmental science and education at the University of Southern California.  Learn more...


USC Sea Grant has developed close partnerships with a number of organizations to further marine science education. We highlight several partnerships which are emblematic of combined efforts and leveraged resources that meet the education communities' needs while also addressing Sea Grant's strategic plan. Learn more... 

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