An internship can be a valuable part of a college education and a stepping-stone to a career after college. Thanks to the generosity of our SIR alumni, we hope to offer select students a maximum stipend of $2,000 for a minimum 10-week unpaid internship.

Eligibility Requirements:

GPA of 3.4 or higher

The internship or research must be completed before the student graduates from USC Dornsife.

Recipients must be registered for the Fall 2023 term.

Must be either a IR, IRGB, or IRGE major

Must have completed IR 210, and at least one other IR 200 level methods course

Application procedure:

Deadline – 3/13/2023

Submit a completed application form to Akeya Harmon at giving the student’s major, current GPA, and expected graduation date. Components include:

Include a resume or CV (make sure it is up to date and relevant to this Internship application, not a generic version).

Provide a personal statement identifying the sponsoring organization, its mission, its address, the name and contact information for the intern’s supervisor, the nature of the intern’s work, the number of hours per week, and why it would be valuable to hold this internship.

Additionally please note if you have applied to other funding resources.

Provide a simple budget showing living expenses for the internship period and travel to and from the site.

If the internship will count for USC credit, also provide the name of the faculty member who will supervise your work.

Ask a USC faculty member to submit a Recommendation Document, found here.

In order to disburse the award the School will need a letter from the organization offering the internship to the student for the specified period, and agreeing to provide the School with a simple report on the student’s work at the end of the internship. You may submit an application that contains all elements except this letter, and provide the letter if the grant is approved and you decide to accept it.