Faculty, Students, and Staff

POIR is fortunate to be able to draw on the strengths of Political Science and International Relations faculty.

Our faculty who focus on international relations provide an interdisciplinary and theoretically-informed analysis of global issues and contemporary security, political, and economic developments worldwide. The faculty who specialize in political science have outstanding expertise in the study of American national and local politics, public law, comparative political institutions, public opinion, political parties, racial and ethnic politics, political participation, as well as experimental methods and causality.

Our program also has strong comparative politics contingents — ranging from Asia and Europe to the Middle East and Latin America (not only with the home base of North America) — providing crucial sources for understanding of critical regions around the world. The program also recently introduced a standing field in Methods and Research Tools which provide students with both qualitative and quantitative methodological training.

The POIR program currently has over 70 talented and exceptional Ph.D. students who are building their careers in academia, non-academic positions, research institutions, government and foreign services, and international or non-governmental organizations.