IR D-Clearance

All D-clearance requests for IR 210 and 400-level IR classes must be submitted by completing this survey.  D-clearance will be processed within 5 business days, starting March 25, 2024.  Students will be notified via email once their clearance is approved.


Please be aware of the following d-clearance policies:

1.      400-level courses are exclusively for students who have completed at least 64 units by the time of their request.  Be sure to review your STARS report for your current unit count.  Any units in progress will not be included.

2.       IR 447/ MDES 441 – Cities of the Middle East is offered by the MDES department and does not have d-clearance.  To register, enroll in MDES 441.

3.     Receiving D-Clearance does NOT guarantee access to classes.  Access to classes is determined by class occupancy and availability.

4.     Unless the department informs you otherwise, please expect that sections without designated instructors will be held in Fall 2024.  Make sure to check the revised class schedule in the following months, as it will specify the instructors for each course.

5.     Given the shortage of classes and the restricted space for IR 210 and 400-level classes, we have decided to allocate seats exclusively to IR majors and minors, incoming transfer IR students, and majors whose program requires IR courses.  We encourage students from other departments and schools to complete the d-clearance survey at the start of Fall 2024 if seats are still available for certain courses.

6.     Students who join a class after it has started and have missed at least one lecture must obtain the course instructor’s permission, even if they registered through WebReg.

7.       IR 490 allows students to carry out an independent study with support and guidance from a POIR faculty member.  A faculty mentor must first approve it, and it will NOT count towards the 400-level IR requirement.  To receive d-clearance for IR 490, please email the written approval of your faculty mentor at


POSC D-Clearance

Political Science courses generally do not require D-Clearance unless an application is required as with the following courses:


  • POSC 391/392: This is the Political Science Honors Program. Applications are accepted in the Spring semester. D-Clearance is granted once the instructor informs the department of your admission to the program.
  • POSC 395: This is the Political Science Internship/Research course ran by the Unruh Institute. Students should contact for more information.
  • POSC 398: This is the Trial Advocacy/Mock Trial team. Try outs are held in the Fall semester. D-Clearance is granted once the instructor informs the department of your admission to the program.
  • POSC 490: This is the Directed Research program. Students who are assisting a POSC professor with research or who are conducting their own research with supervision from a POSC professor must complete and submit a POSC 490 Application.

If ever there is D-Clearance required for a course that is not listed above, please contact the listed professor for more information.