Professor of Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Studies
Phone: (213) 740-6100
Office: ZHS 233

Associate Professor (Research) of Biological Sciences Emerita
Dr. Linda Duguay was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She spent her first 21 years in the Ocean State where she developed her life long interest in Ocean Sciences. She obtained her undergraduate education in Biology at the University of Rhode Island (URI) and completed her MS and Ph.D. research in Biological Oceanography at the Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) of the University of Miami (UM) on Virginia Key, Florida. Her research focused on life history traits, physiological adaptations, and factors regulating the population dynamics of sub-tropical marine organisms.
Phone: (213) 821-1335
Office: CAS 200

Research Scientist (Staff)
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Office: CAS 200

Paxson H. Offield Professor Emeritus in Fisheries Ecology and Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Dennis Hedgecock received a B.S. in Biology from St. Mary’s College, California, in 1970, and a Ph.D. in Genetics, from the University of California, Davis, in 1974. Hedgecock joined the USC College as the first Paxson H. Offield Professor of Fisheries Ecology in 2003, following a nearly 30-year career at UC Davis. He is a past Head of the Marine Environmental Biology Section of the Department of Biological Sciences.
Phone: (213) 821-2091
Office: AHF 130

Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences
Myrna Jacobson Meyers is a biogeochemist interested in adaptive physiology in marine systems. She studies sediment/rock/plant exoenzyme systems and nutrient biogeochemistry focusing on adaptations to environmental temperature and nutrient variation. She has worked in mangrove, deep sea, intertidal, and subtidal environments. She is currently working on the physiology of Giant Kelp Microbiome interactions as kelp age, in different environmental conditions in both laboratory and field settings. In addition, in conjunction with the John Hench School of Cinematic Arts, she produces animations describing fundamental biological principals, and teaches how to communicate science using learner centered learning techniques.
Phone: (213) 740-5145
Office: AHF 139

Lewthwaite, Jayme

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Nuzhdin, Sergey

Professor of Biological Sciences and the Founder of AltaSea Algal Lab
With 27 years of PI expertise in UC Davis (Evolution and Ecology) and USC (Molecular and Computation, Marine and Environmental Biology), Nuzhdin published over 200 research manuscripts, and trained over 80 graduate and postdoctoral researchers including in biodiversity and restorative aquaculture. The primary expertise in quantitative and organismal biology, with recent focus on macroalgae and marine invertebrates.

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Office: RRI 304C

Resource Employee
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Office: HNB B29

Adjunct Associate Professor (Research) of Biological Sciences
Understanding evolution is fundamental to deciphering the complexity of our living world and its enormous biological diversity. Wetzer is interested in evolutionary questions about invertebrates and uses phylogenetic inference to investigate broad evolutionary patterns at a macroevolutionary scale. Her specialty is Crustacea with a focus on marine isopods (pill bugs).
Phone: (213) 763-3217
Office: AHF 107A