Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students in the Marine and Environmental Biology program investigate a range of topics in marine science and biological oceanography. Undergraduate students interested in research experience should review the different Research Themes as well as profiles of faculty they are interested in working with. Contact faculty directly to inquire about potential research opportunities.

  • Research experience is an excellent way to help refine your interests and career goals. If obtaining an advanced degree is part of your long-term plan, research experience beyond skills that can be obtained in laboratory courses can greatly strengthen your resume and open up opportunities for additional scholarship and fellowship awards.

  • The minor in Marine Biology consists of 24 units of course work related specifically to marine science. Courses are derived from several Dornsife College departments and/or programs. This program is appropriate for students seeking a focus in marine science or who are interested in broadening their base of knowledge in marine biology, earth, or environmental science. Please see the program page for additional details regarding options and requirement

  • Undergrads have the option to concentrate on subtopics within Biology during their BISC major, and to have these reflected on their transcripts. Those most closely affiliated with MEB are the Marine Biology and Ecology, Evolution, and Environment emphases, which include classes taught by multiple MEB faculty.

  • Please check the BISC Research Exchange portal for available opportunities and cross-reference those with the MEB Faculty. You may also contact faculty directly to inquire about potential research opportunities.

  • The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) at a variety of institutions throughout the USA. Funding typically covers travel to and from the REU site, accommodation, and a stipend covering 10 weeks research. Applications are due in the early spring semester (deadlines are specific to each program) and it is recommended that you apply to more than one program.

    MEB is affiliated with The Wrigley Institute for Marine Sciences on Catalina Island, which hosts a summer REU program in Coastal Ocean Processes.

    Additional REU opportunities can be found on the National Science Foundation’s REU website by research field.

    Additional STEM opportunities can be found on the Institute for Broadening Participation’s (IBP) Pathways to Science website.

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