The GE office adds seats to specific GE courses, including GE Seminars, throughout the continuing student registration cycle, as well as during Welcome Trojans orientation sessions.  Our office also manages enrollments in GESM sections during the first three weeks of the semester.  Students planning to register for a GE course in Fall 2024 should consult the information below.


  • Seats were added to the GE courses listed below during the continuing student registration.  The remaining seats will be released to students attending orientations in June, July and August.  Seats that are not filled after the orientations will be available for any student to register.  Updated information will be available again on this page the week of August 12, 2024.  Students seeking to enroll in a courses not listed here should contact the department offering the course.

    • AMST 101, 135, 150, 252 and 301
    • ENGL 172, 176, 230 and 298
    • IR 101
    • JS 100, 150, 180, 211 and 379
    • LING 115
    • PHIL 166
    • POSC 100, 130 and 248
    • PSYC 100 and 274
    • SOCI 169 and 210
    • SWMS 210, 215 and 219
  • Seats will be released in all GESM sections during every freshman registration session in June.

    Students who attempt to register for a GESM and receive an error message due to a class standing restriction, should email the GE office at with their name, USC student ID number and the five-digit section number of the course they’re trying to enroll in.  Requests to register in sections that do not have seats available will be denied.  The GE office will respond to GESM registration requests within two business days.

    Juniors and Seniors who have not completed the GESM requirement will need to send their registration request starting on July 8, 2024.

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