Who can propose courses?

Each School or Department should have a single person designated to submit courses at the GE Drop-box site.  Access was given to all people who can sign for professional school deans and Dornsife department chairs.  All proposals should be reviewed first by the professional school dean or Dornsife department chair.  If another person is delegated to submit courses proposals to the site, that person can be given access if a request is sent to Richard Fliegel at fliegel@usc.edu.


What should be dropped into the GE Drop-box?

Please incorporate into a single file the syllabus, assignments, and other materials to be considered for the course.  Proposals for the Humanistic Inquiry category should be dropped as pdf files; proposals for other categories may be pdf or Word files.  Proposals for the Social Analysis category must include the cover summary sheet.


When should courses be submitted?

The sooner the better.  We plan for the upcoming academic year a year ahead.  Academic units will need to know what can be offered for GE credit soon.


How should the form be filled out on the website?

First decide the category for which the course is most appropriate by the intended learning outcomes identified for each requirement.  Then decide if a course is to be a General Education Seminar or a departmental course offering.

There are descriptions of each category available on the GE Learning Objectives website.  Courses can be proposed for one of the six Core Literacies and one of the two Global Perspectives requirements, by dropping the same proposal twice.  That is the only possible redundancy.  Courses at the 400-level can be proposed for either of the Global Perspectives requirements but not for the six Core Literacies.

When you click on the “Submit Syllabus” button, the form will ask the name of the faculty member who will be teaching the course, the category for which it is proposed, and the “Type.”  If it is to be a GE Seminar, the type is “Seminar.”  If a departmental course has never been approved by the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), it is “New.”  If you are revising an existing course to meet the guidelines of the new program, please mark it “Revised.”

If you are proposing a GE Seminar, the Course Number will be GESM 110/111, 120/121, 130/131, 140/141, 150/151, or 160/161, depending on the requirement to be satisfied and which department or school is offering the course.  The Course Title for a General Education Seminar should be the specific title of that particular section rather than the generic “GE Seminar.”  A departmental course should include your course prefix (e.g., ENGL 261).


What if I make a mistake, or want to change something after I drop it?

Not a big problem.  Contact Richard Fliegel at fliegel@usc.edu.

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